Arch Creative Co-Founder and Creative Director Joe Nixon has written a rhyming children’s picture book The Fearless Fox & Daring Deer to raise money for the NHS in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Lying in bed with the COVID-19 virus, Leicester author Joe Nixon felt inspired by a news story on wild animals venturing into towns and cities during the pandemic lockdown. 

Rainbow posters created by children have been seen in windows all over the country. This is their tribute to NHS workers, and The Fearless Fox & Daring Deer book aims to build on this.
Illustrated by Nottingham-based Ami-Lou Harrison, the rhyming picture book invites children to enjoy the adventures of woodland creatures as they play human games in an empty town.

Joe Nixon hopes the message is one of hope during times of crisis: “As they sing a message of hope for a better future, they dare to imagine a world where humans and animals can live together in harmony,” says Joe from his Leicester home, where he has now fully recovered from the virus. “I was inspired to write a story for my young niece and nephews, who were finding it difficult to understand why they are trapped at home during lockdown. The book has entertained them and given them hope for a better world when the crisis is over.”

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The book is dedicated to NHS staff, carers and frontline workers, and all of those who have lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.
And what did people think?

“Lockdown gave me an opportunity to explore nearby woods, fields and nature trails with my two children, and that has been a really positive distraction. I love the fact that this book reminds us that we share our world with animals and that their view of it is uncomplicated by all the “stuff” humans get bogged down in. And that there’s room for all of us. “Stuff” just seems less important now. I think children can really relate to that idea of sharing the world with creatures who play with as much joy and abandon as they do.”

– Natalie Vernon, mum of two

“I loved it. My favourite bit was the singing part, because I liked the rainbow and that the animals were singing and dancing together.”

  • Frankie (6 years old)

You can also download a free activity pack from the website to keep the little ones entertained after reading the book. Download here.

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