Texas Steakhouse opens its doors on Market Street today (Thursday 16 May) and here’s a look at the menu.

Texas Steakhouse describes itself as “an authentic American steakhouse serving some of the best cuts of steak and burgers in Leicestershire”. The restaurant built a popular customer base at their restaurant in Foxton and has now moved into the city centre, with the Leicester owners taking over the former Head of Steam site on Market Street. Known for their huge 32oz Tomahawk steaks and epic food challenges, it’s one place you won’t leave feeling hungry.

If you’re up for a challenge then you could even set about tackling their 80 oz Empire Burger Challenge? Think you could manage it…?

You can see the menu in full below with mains including a range of steaks and burgers as well as their special Mac & Cheese, Alabama Pork Belly, ribs and, of course, their mega food challenges. 

Prices start from £5.50 for starters and £10 for main courses, with owners promising big American portions.

Fancy trying it out? You can book in now via the Texas Steakhouse website.