A new festival is set to take over Leicester’s Cultural Quarter from 26th-28th May 2017. TDM Festival will be bringing music from around the world, including local talent, to the heart of Leicester in order to celebrate its cultural diversity. The festival is the creation of Hannah McNally, a graduate from De Montfort University’s Arts and Festivals Management course, able to bring the project to life thanks to her colleagues over at Horus Music – a music distribution and label services company.

TDM Festival stands for Truly Diverse Music, with the line-up set to showcase genres such as reggae, brass band, soul, electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock and more, including variations on these genres from countries across the globe. Artists will be descending on Leicester for TDM from across the UK, as well as international acts here on their UK tours.

The first ticket release for TDM Festival 2017 will be on sale on Friday 3rd March! There will be a total of 8 events across 6 venues over the three days of the festival. Tickets for 5 of these events will be available for purchase from Friday 3rd March with the rest of the events and venues due to be available at the end of March, with an official date to be announced soon.

Tickets for TDM will be sold through See Tickets – this will be the only place you can get tickets for TDM in advance, while guaranteeing you the best price. You can go here to get your tickets. Each event is being ticketed separately; therefore you can pick and choose which events you want to go to. By doing this, you will be able to have a more tailor-made TDM experience.

Timings and dates for these events are as follows:

Saturday 27th May:

The Exchange, 3-5pm (doors open at 2:45pm)

Manhattan34, 5-7pm (doors open at 4:45pm)

Sunday 28th May:

Manhattan34, 3-5pm (doors open at 2:45pm)

The Exchange, 5-7pm (doors open at 4:45pm)

Peepul Centre, 8-10:30pm (doors open at 7:30pm)

In addition, more information on the theme of each event will be released on Monday 6th March. This includes the first line-up announcement, which will begin the process of revealing the talent you will get to witness across the festival.

More dates, venues and events will be announced through the month of March. Keep an eye on the TDM website for further details! If you have any questions regarding any of the events or venues being announced, you can contact the festival at [email protected].

More information on TDM Festival can be found using the following links: