Businesses and freelancers in Leicestershire, there’s a great new initiative being launched this month to help you find the skills you need. Look out for the Leicester Swap Shop. 

The idea was first set-up in Derby and its success has led to the launch of Leicester’s later this month. The idea is simple, you need a particular service but you also have something you can offer in return. Businesses exchange services rather than cash.

The Swap Shop is free to use for small businesses and charities alike Let’s give you two examples:-

    • Perhaps you’re a marketing company looking for some IT support and you can offer publicity in return?
    • Perhaps you’re a coffee shop who needs an advert designing and you can offer vouchers in return?

With the pandemic affecting so many businesses this has offered a way for businesses in Derby to pull together and support each other. It’s now hoped it will have a similar positive effect across Leicester, with the Swap Shop launching here on 23 September.

No matter how large or small you can get your swap listed online and join up with people in your local businesses community. 

For an idea of how things will look you can see the websites for the Derby and Nottingham Swap Shops here – and

The will be launched on 23 September.