Klatch Co. is a streetwear fashion brand from here in Leicester. The brand strives to create high-quality fashion accessories for everyday life with a design style influenced from their upbringing of skateboarding, snowboarding and hip-hop.

Matt, who is the man behind Klatch Co, has over 10 years experience working within the fashion industry. That means that they’re more than aware of the detrimental effects that the industry can have on the planet, which has led them to use environmentally and sustainable materials wherever possible, including 100% recycled packaging.

We caught up with Matt to find out all about it.

Tell us a little about Klatch Co

Hello! Klatch Co (Collective) is a premium streetwear inspired fashion accessories brand from Leicester. We take inspiration from our love of music, street art, design and skateboarding. Growing up with these influences and surrounding myself with people who shared the same interests, I felt a sense of being part of the community. This became the foundations of Klatch and how we wanted to create a brand with community in mind. Which ties in with the meaning of Klatch: an informal social gathering at which coffee is served. We interpret this as meeting up with friends, having some drinks and sharing those interests.

How did the new brand come about?

I have always been interested in fashion; it was part of my family history. My grandad had a hosiery factory in Leicester during the 70s & 80s, he taught me how to sew and make t-shirts from template to finished product. After working in the fashion industry for nearly 12 years as a mix of retail management and then fashion design I decided to put pen to paper, create some designs and set up the brand.

What are your favourite products in the collection?

It is very tough to pick a true favourite out of the current products we have as we are very proud of each product released so far.

However – I have spent most of the colder mornings in the comfy OG Beanie, then found myself in our District snapback cap for the current heatwave we are having. Both are staple items that go with most outfits and have been some of our best sellers.

I think my new favourite will be the one of the lighter weight fabric caps we are releasing soon, it will also be tough to take off one of the pairs of socks we are releasing, very excited to show everyone.

Who are some of the brands you look up to?

A brand that’s had a big influence on us is KROST New York. Founded by Samuel Krost, the brands ethos is about supporting your friends and helping the local community through charity work, donations and volunteering. These core values resonate through our brand.

We look up to Ronnie Fieg (founder of KITH) as we share a similar attitude towards product development. Ronnie Fieg only creates product that he is passionate about and wants to wear. He surrounds himself with designers who also share that passion to create the best products.

What makes Klatch unique?

A big part of what makes Klatch unique is the fashion experience we have working with manufacturers and fashion suppliers. Each product is designed in house by me, sampled, tested and then redesigned to meet our high specifications. We take pride in our product development process to ensure we release the best product possible.

Tell us about Klatch’s charitable work?

Men’s health is a topic very close to our hearts, especially over the past year and a half, therefore we have committed to donate 10% of our annual profits to Movember charity. Men’s health, typically mental health, is a very taboo subject within male groups and we want to help bring it to the surface.

We believe males deserve to look after themselves too, so we are doing a quarterly box give away called Klatch Care. This is a box full of goodies for a male who we believe deserves it most. The box will feature a product from our store and then all locally sourced products ranging from hair wax, face masks, chocolate and coffee. We are buying all these products from the local businesses to help support our community.

Where do you plan to take Klatch Co in the future?

In the short term we will release more product throughout the year starting with our next range dropping in around 4 weeks which consists of four new cap designs and two pairs of socks. During the next year we plan to build our e-commerce and social media presence. In the next couple of years we plan to release bags, wallets and other smaller accessories.

We want to cement ourselves as a premium independent accessories brand that releases high quality product for everyday life. Having fun and being creative along the way is part of who we are, so we welcome anyone to join us on our journey and be part of the community.

Where can people find out more and shop online?

You can find out more by heading to our website at www.klatch.co or checking out our social media on www.instagram.com/klatchco