When you’re at a festival do you enjoy having a browse of the various market stalls?

Coronavirus has hit the festival market HARD and it isn’t just the festival organisers and acts who were playing either. Every year traders across the UK fill up their festival calendars to sell goods at events around the UK. Whether it’s clothing, gifts, art, accessories and people providing workshops and other services, they all go towards making each festival special and memorable.

Now you can support your favourite or new undiscovered treasures in the festival trader market through an online group on Facebook. The Festival Bazaar has been set up to allow traders to promote their items and encourage people to buy online despite the fact they can’t meet face to face at a festival.

festival bazaar

From jewellery to backpacks and sequins to artwork, you can browse the group and find all your favourites that you’d normally meet in the fields.

Visit the Festival Bazaar on Facebook.