This May Leicestershire mental health charity, Lamp, will be running its 5k fundraising campaign for 2022 and you can join us at Cool As Leicester to get involved.

This year’s Lamp 5k challenge will take place 9 to 15 May 2022, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and they’re encouraging everyone to take part in a 5k physical activity. We’ll be supporting by hosting a walk on Saturday 14 May combining the fundraising challenge with some pub stops along the way.

We’ll be walking from Clarendon Park over to Everards Meadows, taking in a beautiful walk by the water and through Aylestone Meadows on the way.

aylestone meadows

From our meeting point at The Cradock, the walk is just over 5k and when we reach Everards Meadows we’ll settle down for a couple of beers on the terrace and a chance to chat with new friends you’ve made on the walk.

For those who want to, we’ll then be making our way back to The Cradock for another much deserved beer. We’d love for as many of you as possible to get involved, support the incredible work that Lamp do for mental health support in Leicestershire and also take the opportunity to meet some new people during the walk.

If you’d like to join the walk, please sign up via the donation page so we can keep an eye on expected numbers for the event. There is a suggested minimum donation of £5 with all money going to Lamp to help them support Leicestershire mental health.

Our meeting point will be at The Cradock Arms at 11.45am, before setting off for Everards at around 12.45pm. For those doing the return walk we’ll be back at The Cradock for around 6pm. Both The Cradock and Everards are dog friendly, so dogs are welcome to join in too!

Lamp’s (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project) 5k Trip to the Moon will take place from 9-15 May 2022, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. With the Trip to the Moon challenge, Lamp is encouraging people to take part in a 5k physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, skating or swimming, to collectively reach 384,400km, the distance from the Earth to the moon, and raise £1 for each km covered.