Share some crafty joy this Spring with gifts from Crafty Sew & So


Do you have a special person in your life who has a love of all things crafty? Leicester’s Crafty Sew and So is on hand to help you find the perfect gifts.

With International Women’s Day this month and Mothering Sunday approaching, it’s important to remember all the women who inspire us and impact our lives – especially if we haven’t been able to see them in person over the last year.

crafty sew and so

Let’s take this chance to spoil our mothers, aunties, grandmas, best friends, sisters, cousins –  people we  love who enjoy sewing and crafting – with Crafty Sew and So’s carefully selected collection of kits and gifts.  They have beautiful sewing tools, and mugs for that all-important cup of tea; themed jewellery;  really easy craft kits for those who might want to dabble in a bit of hand sewing / creativity, and simple garment kits for beginners who are relatively new to the hobby and have a sewing machine.

Hop over to their Spring Gift Ideas page for more inspiration and share some crafty love.

crafty sew and so