ROAMDOME launch full-body VR experience in Leicester

roamdome leicester

There’s a brand new full-body VR experience coming to Leicester as ROAMDOME launch their first UK site in December.

Describing themselves as “next level VR”, ROAMDOME is the future of immersive entertainment. You and your friends & family will “get ported” to worlds so realistic, you won’t believe its virtual. So real that they say you’ll have to touch the walls to be sure.

ROAMDOME uses multi-sensory, full body VR technology to bring the most realistic experience to life. Touch it. Feel it. Hear it. Smell it. You can see and fully interact with each other, just like in reality, but you’ll look completely different and be transported to another world.

The new venue will be opening alongside TeamSport Karting in Thurmaston and will offer 3 different experiences to enjoy.

The Experiences

Temple of the Diamond Skull

Global Warming has decimated Earth. The Diamond Skull, said to be the source of an ancient civilisation’s power, will provide us with limitless clean energy. You and your Team of intergalactic Archaeologists and Researchers must brave a series of challenging obstacles, hidden doors, traps and puzzles. The fate of Earth’s power source rests on your Teams ability to complete this quest to find the Diamond Skull.

Patient Zero

Being the only organisation on Earth capable of taking on this kind of security challenge, you and your team have been activated. You will need to tactically work together and defend your position whilst “Command” overrides the entrance to a secret bunker. From there you must fight your way through hordes of zombies to the main server room and initiate the download of Patient Zero files. Only then will “Command” port you safely back to base. To survive, you must work together.

The Lost City

The clock is ticking. Months after your team recovered the Patient Zero files, global medical companies have failed to create a vaccine. The world is in ruin. Billions of lives lost. Your Team, now code-named EAGLE ONE, must reunite to extract the remaining ground troops. This is a suicide mission, and your Team is the last hope for the human race.

Games are suitable for those aged over 12 years old (or over 14 dependent on which experience you choose) and bookings are open now for exclusive hire. Individual bookings will be opening soon. Prices start from £29.50 per person for off peak bookings.

To find out full information you can visit the ROAMDOME website.

ROAMDOME opens on Friday 3 December and is located at Unit 8, 2 New Star Road, Leicester, LE4 9JD.