The Fish & The Chip certainly didn’t arrive quietly in Leicester. With the promise of a new concept from the team at Maiyango and the reveal of their Union Jack exterior, it’s safe to say that some people couldn’t quite get their head around the change! But the proof is in the pudding, so they say, and we went along to The Fish & The Chip to find out exactly what it’s about!

Now first things first – this isn’t Maiyango. Don’t go to The Fish & The Chip thinking it’s Maiyango. Everything is different, from the interior, the layout, the food concept, even where the front door is! However what hasn’t changed is the attention to detail, the high standards and the offering of a great cocktail.the fish & the chip Leicester

The interior takes a step back from the Union Jack building with the walls awash with salmon pink and blue plus some amazing artwork from Tim Fowler on the walls. In terms of cocktails this now doesn’t seem an obvious spot to come for a Friday night drink, but the cocktail experience hasn’t been lost. The comfortable couches are gone, but have been replaced with high tables and stools and you’re very much welcome in for just a drink if you so wish (they do Happy Hour cocktails at 2 for £10 daily from 11.30am – 5.30pm and 10.30pm – close as well). More on the cocktails later.

the fish & the chip Leicester
Ocean Margarita

You might have already seen the menu online, in which case you’ll know that whilst fish & chips is at the heart of the brand this is meant to be a best of British type concept. Sausage & chips, pie, pasties and a fish finger sandwich sit alongside lobster as well as some carefully thought out vegan options, although for us it’s the side dishes that really steal the show. Cheesy fritters, halloumi skewers, soft shell crab sliders, fish corn dog, mushy peas and more catch the eye, so it’s good to know that you can always skip the main meal and order a sharing platter of starters for £13.95 (3 sides) or £24 (5 sides).

What the menu does lack is a starters section, so we opted for a side dish to share between us. The Salt & Pepper Squid came out in a huge portion (how this is a side dish for one person I’ll never know) but for a starter between two it was perfect. The squid, we were told, had been left to rest in kiwi which helps to make the squid as tender as possible and this certainly came through on the taste. With a light batter and superb salt & pepper seasoning, which didn’t detract from the taste of the squid, it came served with an accompanying aioli.

the fish & the chip
Salt & Pepper Squid

Onto the mains and we promptly ordered the classic fish & chips and the lobster. Unfortunately the menu details chunky chips alongside the classic fish, however the dish came with skinny fries, so this is worth checking before your order goes through. We couldn’t fault the fries, but there’s something about battered fish that needs a chunky chip alongside it! The fish itself more than made up for it though. The regular size portion (there is an option to go large on the menu) was ample for a main course, with the batter not being too greasy or overpowering and the tender fish fell nicely apart. It’s at this point that you see that it’s certainly more than a regular fish & chip shop.

Classic Fish & Chips

For the lobster, it comes grilled with a garlic butter, which was tasty and didn’t detract from the flavour of the lobster. The portion is quite small with only a little meat to eat, so it would be great to have the option of a full lobster, however we’re told that this is something that might be happening soon, so watch this space. The flavour of what we had was lovely though with the garlic not too overpowering, we just wanted more of it! It came served with skinny fries and a side of spicy Marie Rose sauce, which adds that extra kick for those who want it.

the fish & the chip
Lobster & Skinny Fries

In terms of the side dishes the Cheesy Fritters were exceptional, with a wonderful blend of potato and cheese in a fried crumb and we also sampled the special of the tempura fried broccoli. If you think you’ve had too much on the fried food and battered front then we’d recommend choosing either the prawn or the halloumi skewers as a second side dish.

The fish & the chip Leicester
Cheesy Fritters

One aspect of The Fish & The Chip that has gone unmentioned so far is that despite all of the hearty classic dishes and fish in batter, you can also have a really healthy meal if you choose. The menu offers a Skinny Fish option which is grilled and served with beetroot, peas, pumpkin seeds and more, plus a number of vegan options including a wonderful vegan fish & chips which has just been added to the menu!

the fish & the chip Leicester
Brownie Tower

The dessert menu is lots of fun with a Brownie Tower, Doughnut Surprise and Extreme Ice Cream Sundae, but as we mentioned earlier the restaurant’s cocktail menu also provides some great dessert alternatives. The best dessert alternative definitely comes in the form of Mint Chocolate Chip Cornetto (Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao, milk, cream and dark chocolate chips), or something more refreshing from the Popsicle Bellini, which is, believe it or not, literally a popsicle with Prosecco. The Ocean Margarita (Tequila, lime, blue caracao and citrus) adorably comes served with fish shaped ice cubes and The Unicorn (Coconut, milk, Koko Kanu, grenadine, pineapple, triple sec, coconut water and a sugar rim) is so on brand with the blue and pink colours that it blend perfectly into the surroundings. Finally a mention for the Candy Floss Daiquiri, because who doesn’t like the option of candy floss in a cocktail. For a serious cocktail connoisseur this might not be the menu for you, but if you’re up for having a little fun and sparkle with your drinks you know where to come!

The Fish & The Chip Leicester
The Unicorn Cocktail

Overall The Fish & The Chip proved to be entirely different from what we’d been expecting. They are classic dishes, but done with a lot of care and attention to detail. The Salt & Pepper Squid for us was the standout item from the menu and those Cheesy Fritters will go well on the side of any dish. The management team told us that there are a few tweaks to the menu to come and customers can expect a range of new specials to be added including extra fish options such as tuna steak, which will be a great alternative to the current main menu.

In terms of pricing the Classic Fish & Chips is priced at £12 and the Lobster at £17.50. Most main courses are priced between £10 – £17.50 with most side dishes priced at £4 – £6. For the location, service, portion size and surroundings the price points seemed quite reasonable and they also offer a kids menu priced at £6 for main, dessert and drink.

It’s not just a fish and chip shop, it’s The Fish & The Chip, and we’d certainly recommend you give it a try!

To view the full menu and to book your table please visit The Fish & The Chip website. You can also order at work or at home via Deliveroo.

You can also find out more about the cocktail menu from the expert team of mixologists by booking onto a cocktail class. Full information on the website.

We were invited by the restaurant to review the menu under no obligation to give a positive review. All opinions are our own.