Sous vide – a method of cooking food, especially meat or fish, by vacuum-sealing and immersing in warm water.

So how does this work with steak? Pretty well, so it turns out! New lockdown foodie set-up, Sous Vide Sam’s, specialises in exactly this and it means that any hassle or guess work is taken out of your steak meal.

sous vide sam leicester

Yes, the steaks are cooked exactly to your liking via a sous vide method and then delivered to you requiring just searing on each side. Within 3 minutes your perfectly cooked steaks will be on the table.

A choice of sirloin or ribeye is available to order either with the steak along or as a full meal with potato, veg and sauce. Choose from their Steakhouse SPG rub (simply salt, pepper and garlic) or go for a little more of a kick with Sam’s Signature Rub. Delivery is currently available within 3 miles of the city centre and your meal will be delivered hot and (almost) ready to eat.

sous vide steak leicester

When you order you’ll choose how you’d like your steak to be cooked and they’ll be delivered individually packaged and labelled. The meal sides include creamy mashed potato, buttered vegetables and a peppercorn sauce, all of which arrive warm but are also in microwavable containers should you need to reheat. Also with your steak comes a tub with buttered garlic clove to use during the searing process, meaning all you need is a pan, plate and a little oil. Full instructions are provided but it really couldn’t be more simple. The steaks require just 1 minute of searing on each side with the garlic butter in the pan to give a wonderful flavour.

We’d requested one medium and one medium rare steak and both were cooked just as we’d have expected in a restaurant setting after our quick searing in the pan.

Of course cooking a raw steak might not be the most challenging kitchen task, but for ease of preparation and no guesswork when cooking for more than one, this really is a great lockdown delivery concept.

Make sure you opt for the meal option with mash, vegetables and sauce and it’s an all round high quality meal. We’ll definitely be ordering again!

The steaks are priced at £18 for sirloin or £20 for ribeye, with a meal for 2 option priced at £45 including sides.

For more information and to order check out Sous Vide Sam’s on Instagram or Facebook.

sous vide steak leicester

*We received our meal for 2 free of charge but under no obligation to give a positive review.