You know how fond we are of a new restaurant opening, but it’s even better when it’s a local favourite that’s spreading their wings, which is what’s so great about the new Peppercorns Tapas in Anstey.

You may already be familiar with Peppercorns, the award-winning caterers, who run the Abbey Park Pavillion Cafe as well as the big Peppercorns cafe bus, residing at The Outwoods. Now the team have expanded into a new space in the centre of Anstey with a brand new tapas concept.

Firstly, we’re delighted to have a new tapas restaurant in the county, something we’ve been in significantly short supply of in recent years and taking a little drive out made a welcome change to city centre dining. Many of you will be familiar with Anstey thanks to the award-winning Sapori restaurant, which is located just around the corner, so what do their new neighbours bring to the dining scene?

peppercorns tapas leicester

The concept of Peppercorns is a little different to the norm. Firstly, there’s no menu – everyone is offered the same dishes and they’re brought out to you throughout the evening, with you opting in or out of each dish, and secondly, everyone eats at the same time. 

You can take your table at anytime from 7pm, with food service beginning at 8pm. Take your seats early and enjoy a cocktail from the remarkably reasonably priced list, with almost all cocktails costing under £5. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, that is a world away from the hustle and bustle around town on a Saturday night. 

peppercorns tapas leicester

So how does the menu work? The kitchen prepares 10 savoury dish and from 8pm the super friendly waiting staff bring out each dish and offer to you at the table. How many times have you read a menu and thought, “I wish I could take a look at that before deciding on it”? Now you can. Each tapas dish is priced at £5 and many of them can be shared between 2 people. You don’t have to have all of the 10 options – you can skip courses as you choose, or take double of some of your preferred dishes. Each time you have a dish they’ll mark your receipt and then the dishes will be added up at the end for your bill.

peppercorns tapas leicester
Herb crusted goats cheese

So what’s the food like? The dishes are all freshly prepared and high quality. Some of the highlights included the large portion of herb crusted goats cheese, the patatas bravas (one of the finest patatas bravas we’ve had, dare I say), wonderfully tasty meatballs which come as a good sized dish containing 3 large meatballs, mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce on toasted brioche, paella stuffed tomatoes, wonderfully smokey chorizo with black pudding, and even sweet figs wrapped in Parma ham. There’s certainly something to suit all tastes and the best part is, if you have a particular favourite you can go back for more.

peppercorns tapas leicester

Following your 10 savoury choices there’s a choice of desserts, including cheesecake and brownie, to round off the meal. Although, after 10 savoury dishes you might not squeeze it in.

The restaurant is only open on Friday and Saturday evenings and offers a lovely option for dining both as a couple or with a group of friends. The drinks prices are very reasonable and the menu concept means that people can enjoy different dishes and even different amounts from their dining partners, if they choose.

Peppercorns Tapas

Price wise is very dependent on how much your order, of course. £5 per dish, given the size of some of the portions, seemed very reasonable to us as a number of them are very easily shared (and, after all, you can always go back for more!)

If you’re looking to try somewhere a little bit different, then Peppercorns Tapas comes highly recommended. Get out of the city and enjoy an evening of quality food from a real Leicestershire gem. 

Peppercorns Tapas is located at 5-7 Bradgate Road, Anstey. More information can be found on their Facebook page.



We were invited to try the menu at Peppercorns free of charge under no obligation to give a positive review . All opinions are our own.