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Grease is the word at Leicester’s Curve theatre this Christmas as the well known musical electrifies audiences over the festive period. Directed by Nikolai Foster the show is overwhelmingly full of talent who all bring this classic to life.

If you’re new to Grease, it follows the story of Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski, who fall in love over summer and then unexpectedly reunite at Rydell High the following semester, only to realise how very different their lifestyles really are. Not just a love story, Grease is a snapshot into the life of teenagers during the 1950s, a post-war era with huge amounts of change, especially for young people. Expect leather jackets, cars and lots and lots of hair grease!

The stage adaptation provides old fans with a nostalgia filled show true to the original, but with enough new touches and flare to add something else to the Grease experience. Nick Winston’s choreography definitely showed off the dancing talent within the cast, and was a highlight of the performance as it added such energy to the songs. Speaking of the collective talent of the performers, all the songs were sung flawlessly, with a notable vocal performance coming from Patrick Harper’s stunning rendition of ‘Beauty School Dropout’. This alone is well worth the trip to go see the show, as it had the whole audience captivated and prompted the longest applause of the night.

A live band accompanying the show on stage throughout added a rich musical sound, which was a lovely surprise and complimented the 1950s vibe beautifully. However, it never overwhelmed the singing performances. The sound balance was just right, always making sure the vocals were at the forefront of the show.

The acting was filled with personality and charisma, and all the characters seemed to be cast perfectly. Some of the favourites were Jan & Roger, who had great chemistry on stage and got the whole audience smiling. Sandy and Danny were also brilliant, both giving confident solo performances and making the characters their own. The stand out of the evening however was Djalenga Scott, who played Betty Rizzo. She had such a strong presence on the stage and really nailed the swagger of the character.

If you’re an old fan of Grease, go see this to remind yourself about what made you love it in the first place, and if you’re completely new to it, this is a great place to start. The show is filled with dazzling lights, jaw-dropping dancing and some of the best vocal performances you’ll find on any stage.

Grease is now showing at Leicester’s Curve Theatre until the 21st of January, so book your tickets now, on their website or at the box office, to avoid disappointment!

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Words by Olivia Anderton