Fernie Hall in Market Harborough is a beautiful new bar offering small plates, cheese selection, cocktails and a banging brunch menu.

With a beautifully designed interior, featuring Victorian inspired accessories, high end bar setting, private hire spaces and a tasting room, it’s a venue that lends itself well for cocktail sessions, cheese and wine and celebrations.

After spotting their brunch menu on Instagram we made it our first brunch stop of 2022. The brunch menu offers something a little different – no Eggs Benedict in sight, but instead some beautiful homemade choices including sweet potato hash, sausage patty with blue cheese, fried chicken and waffles, pancakes and more.

Alongside the brunch menu you can enjoy one of their special brunch cocktails (priced at only £6 when ordering a brunch dish). Perfect for us, there’s a choice of 4 different Espresso Martinis to choose from, including Salted Caramel and a Spiced Espresso Martini with spiced rum and nutmeg.

The brunch menu is small but perfectly formed. You won’t find a Full English or Eggs Benedict, but instead a range of beautiful freshly prepared options, from pancakes with fresh fruit, to filled savoury brioche. We went for English Muffin with bacon, homemade sweet potato hash, cheese and fried egg, with the sweet potato hash proving itself to be the star of the show.

We also tried the Cumberland sausage patty, with bacon, chutney, blue cheese and rocket in a brioche bun. The sausage patty was full of flavour and paired beautifully with the blue cheese and chutney.

For those of you in Market Harborough who remember Meatcure, you’ll be happy to know that Yaga is the man in charge in the kitchen. The “Scullery” room is open and is soon to house customer tables in the open kitchen, which are sure to be a delight to any foodies.

Aside from their brunch menu, Fernie Hall is perhaps best added to your must visit list for wine and cocktails in a lovely setting. Their small plates include a great cheese selection, with 10+ options to choose from, small plates of pork pie, pate, smoked fish and more, plus hot options with croquettes, calamari and prawn tails.

Chatting to the manager, they told us about their future plans for tasting events, food and cocktail pairings and more. We’ll certainly be visiting again very soon.

Fernie Hall is located at 44 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DU. Keep up to date with news and events via their Facebook page.

If visiting from Leicester you can get the train to Market Harborough in just 10 minutes, Fernie Hall is then just an 8 minute walk from the station. It is also in very close proximity to other favourites including Beerhouse, Ascough’s Bistro and Louisa’s Place. If driving, there is parking right next to the venue.