Nathan Cassidy provided one of our favourite shows of the Comedy Festival a couple of years back and now he’s back with his explosive new show. Now it’s time for ex-banker Cassidy to expose the secrets behind the 2008 financial crash. It was all down to him. It’s time to see if he did it. 
Nathan delivers a thrilling tale of criminal negligence, systematic bullying, sleeping and regular sexual intercourse happening in the offices of one of the World’s biggest Banks.  We sleep-walked into a disaster, a disaster that we are still paying for to this day, a disaster that he caused.  But that’s only of course… if he did it.
Rock-solid hilarity…Nathan Cassidy is true, vulnerable and genuine. His show goes deeper than just having a laugh. I think Nathan is an authentic example of bravery for us all because he dares to go on stage and show us what he, in particular, was put on this earth to do. ★★★★ Mumble 2017
‘A beautifully structured hour of comedy – having seen Bill Hicks I can honestly say that he is as good as him.’ Buxton Fringe Review 2017 

Catch Nathan on Friday 9 Feb at The Globe at 9pm (£5) and on Saturday 10 February at Just The Tonic at Brewdog (£5). Tickets on sale from the Comedy Festival website.