Peel Favourite In Town

Texas born Josh T Pearson was a huge favourite of John Peel and such recommendation should never be taken lightly. Having formed band Lift To Experience it took only one album, released in 2001, to hold people truly captivated. The sprawling masterpiece titled The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads was held in high regard and Josh has maintained a loyal fan base despite not releasing another album until this year.

With Lift To Experience having disbanded, Pearson now performs as a solo artist and has been a hit on the festival circuit this summer. John Peel was such a fan that he had him record 3 sessions in 5 months and he’s even included on Best 125 Peel Sessions of all time. If that’s not a good enough recommendation to check him out live then I don’t know what is!

Josh T Pearson will be at The Musician on Wednesday 23rd November. Tickets are just £10 and are available from HERE.