Babelas has been a hugely popular member of the Queens Road drinking scene for many years. Now it’s under new ownership with the team from neighbouring The Verandah recently taking over.

Known for its variety of beers and the famous cheese boards, we caught up with new owner, Jas, to find out what changes we can expect.

babelas leicester

Firstly, what was it that made you want to take over Babelas?

My father in law and I (Jas) both live in Clarendon Park and love the area. We already own businesses in the hospitality industry; my father in law owns Fireaway Pizza in Melton Mowbray and I manage and run The Verandah, Queens Road. Through conversations with friends, I was made aware that Geoff was looking to retire and was going to put Babelas up for sale. Recognising the fantastic opportunity, we very quickly began talks with Geoff and the ball was put in motion.

What elements will you be keeping the same and what’s being switched up?

We have made a few tweaks to the community’s beloved Babelas, which will celebrate its 20th Birthday this year. We have opened the doors to be dog friendly and have a few summer events planned; like the wine tasting night in June and a night of Leicester’s local Burleighs Gin & Tonic evening in July.

Come on then, talk to us about the cheese boards…

To answer the question asked by many about the famous Babelas cheeseboard… We will soon bring it back! It will have an amazing selection to continue the tradition. We will also be adding an antipasti platter for the summer which will accompany the wonderful selection of drinks.

What are some of the best beers you’ve got on?

We have also added some amazing beers, lagers and wines from across the continents to the mix, to suit all palates. We have lagers such as Mahou and Löwenbräu, as well as Mortimers orchard cider to accompany the much loved Timothy Taylors Landlord and Citra Oakham. We plan to introducing a variety of beers and lagers that will be on rotation.

babelas leicester

Plan in your next visit. New opening times are listed below:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 5PM – 10:30PM
Wednesday: 5PM – 10:30PM
Thursday: 5PM – 10:30PM
Friday: 4PM – 11:00PM
Saturday: 2PM – 11:00PM
Sunday: 2PM – 8:00PM

Babelas is located at 77 Queens Road, LE2. Their first wine tasting event will take place on Thursday 23 June 2022 from 6.30pm – 9.30pm. Tickets are £25 and available in the bar. 

babelas leicester