I’m afraid to report that there has been a murder. Leicester’s Cold Case Investigation Unit is back with a brand new case and they need you to play detective.

Yes, DS Briggs is once again looking for investigators to help him clear the case. The victim seems to have been playing with fire and has paid the highest price.

Which of the suspects is the killer, what secret were they trying to hide by doing this dastardly deed and will they strike again?

To stop that happening they need you to get to the bottom of the case!

cold case investigation unit

This is the second release from the Leicestershire team behind Cold Case Investigation Unit, with their first case being a huge hit as people ordered the evidence packs to play along with at home during lockdown. You can work within a team or go it alone to follow the clues and find the guilty party!

The new game is on sale now and their first release has also been restocked! Grab one for yourself or they’re perfect for a lockdown gift too.

Buy online via the Cold Case Investigation Unit website.