If you want to ensure you receive fresh, local produce to your door each week then check out the new service from Local Food & More.

Pulling together local producers from across the Midlands, you can order either a large family box or small delivery box packed full of fresh produce and meal kits to last you through the week.

Producers include cheese makers, Cropwell Bishop Creamery, Owen Taylors butchers, Castle Rock brewery, and many more.

“To us local means that the food you order is grown or produced near our Hub. Turned into lovely meal kits by our local chefs and delivered direct by our local drivers. When you buy local food, you’re directly supporting small farmers and family businesses who care about getting you the best food they can make (or grow) – and it hasn’t travelled as far, so it’s much fresher, tastier and healthier. We are committed to zero waste and reusable packaging.”

There are 2 Leicestershire deliveries per week and you can also opt for a Vegan food box with alternatives to the meat and dairy products. As well as the main food & drink items, the boxes also include chefs favourite marinades, sauces and more as well as meal kits with full contents for you to prepare.

You can view the latest box contents and order via the Local Food & More website.

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