This weekend why not join the National Space Centre for their next family movie night as they launch We Are Aliens for the first time outside the Planetarium.

The live stream will start at 6pm on Friday 08 May on Facebook and YouTube and will include a watch-a-long competition, suggested snack recipe and educational resources to support the screening.

Following the success of the Centre’s first #FamilyNightMovie screening of We Are Stars, they’ll be doing it all again with a brand-new show?

We Are Aliens is another award-winning show from the NSC Creative team and allows families, adults and children to explore important questions: Are there other civilisations out there? Will we one day connect with them? Or is it just us? In other words: Are we alone?

The voice behind the #FamilyMovieNight show, We Are Aliens, is none other than actor Rupert Grint, famous for his portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

Time for a cookery lesson in the home-schooling schedule? Learn how to make some special MarsMallows to enjoy whilst watching the screening. The recipe and method can be found on the centre’s Facebook page. If you want to build the show into your home schooling, then check out the Centre’s educational resources.

The show will be available for 2 weeks and is suitable for all ages but as a learning resource is best for children aged 7+. It will it be screened live on the National Space Centre’s Facebook and YouTube channels at 6pm on Friday 8 May.