Stuck at home and struggling with what to watch on Netflix during the coronavirus pandemic?

Look no further, here are some suggestions of the best can’t-miss Netflix series to catch up with or to binge watch right now.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

NINE NINE!! The fictional comedy revolves around an immature but talented NYPD detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn’s 99 Precinct. He has to work around co-workers such as Amy Santiago, as she is a direct competitive partner to Jake, also detective Rosa Diaz who is a tough yet reserved individual. Not to forget his best friend detective Charles Boyle and the famous Terry Crews who is the Sergeant of the Precinct. This team of detectives has to follow orders by the overly serious, newly appointed Captain Raymond Holt and Gina Linetti the precinct’s sarcastic administrator who lives on her phone. The series began in 2013, there are currently five seasons on Netflix.


This heart-warming part comedy-part drama series focuses on Sam Gardener, an 18-year old teen who has autism spectrum disorder. All his life he has depended on his mother and decides he is ready for romance. Atypical follows the footsteps of Sam as he seeks independence by finding love, graduating high school, challenges of going to college and making new friends. You will also get to know his family who also face their own challenges. There are three seasons on Netflix.

Orange is the New Black

Follow Piper Chapman, a former small-time criminal who is sentenced to 15 months at Litchfield Prison for criminal conspiracy and money laundering. She doesn’t fit in, and chaos follows her around everywhere. Chapman makes a lot of enemies and struggles to adjust to life in prison. Orange is the New Black is a mix of humour, full of drama and interesting characters. Caution this show contains: Nudity, drugs, violence, death and escape attempts. Watch all the seasons on Netflix now!

The Good Place

From the writers of Brooklyn Nine Nine and Parks and Recreation. Have you ever wondered what happens after you pass away from Earth? Eleanor Shellstrop faces a humiliating death and finds herself in ‘the good place’, an afterlife with a perfect neighbourhood designed to reward people for their righteous life. All seasons are on Netflix and is a refreshing show to watch as they are quick twenty minute episodes to binge. 

Money Heist

Money heist is a Spanish (La casa de papel – The house of paper) heist crime drama series. “The Professor”, a criminal mastermind who manipulates the police to carry out his plan to pull off the biggest heist in history. With the help of eight convicts and held hostages, The Professor’s plan is to print 2.4 billion Euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. The eight thieves are all named after cities and all have different abilities to successfully carry out this plan. Part 1, 2 and 3 are already out on Netflix, part 4 to be released 3rdApril 2020. It is a must-watch!

End of the F***ing world

This is a British dark comedy-drama series about James, a 17- year old who is convinced he is a psychopath and has been killing animals since he was 8-years old. He decides that he wants to kill a person, so he pretends to fall in love with Alyssa, a new girl at school with terrible parents. They start dating and decide to run away together which is perfect for James to carry out his plan to kill Alyssa. Watch season 1 on Netflix. Season 1 and 2 are on All 4 with 16 episodes. A must-watch show that will leave you wanting more.

Good Girls

Three suburban mums Beth, Annie and Ruby in desperate need of money to care of their family plan to rob a local grocery store to solve their financial issues. It is not as simple as they thought it would be and realise, they’re in for more what they bargained when they unexpectedly rob $500,000 – Watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix to find out!

Friday Night Dinner

TheBritish Television sit-com written by Robert Popper, starring the famous Simon Bird who played Will on Inbetweners and Tamsin Greig, is now on Netflix.  The Comedy is focused on a regular dinner of a British Jewish family on a Friday night. Two sons come to their parents’ house for dinner. The show has received two BAFTA nominations in 2012. Friday Night Dinner began to air in February 2011.

The Stranger

The series follows Adam Price, who seems to be living the perfect life – two great sons, a watertight marriage – until a stranger approaches him and reveals a shocking secret about Price’s wife.

Words by Riaz Adam