Being able to work for yourself and still earn a wage that covers the necessities can be highly rewarding. Yet, while accomplishing this, you don’t want your time with loved ones to be compromised. It is possible to streamline your processes, to ensure you spend as much time with those you care about as possible.

You may want to have extra time with your partner, be able to attend your child’s school performances, reconnect with your siblings, or be there for your parents. Whatever your reason, or even if there isn’t one, being able to complete all aspects of your work and gain some time back can be a great idea.


When you have completed a task, you want to ensure that you get paid, and on time. Making your invoicing process simpler, such as by using this handy invoice template, can cut down on the time and effort it takes to send out those all important documents.

As you may be aware, creating bespoke invoices for each client and job can be time consuming. On their own, it may not seem like much, but when you have numerous clients and tasks, these little jobs can quickly add up. This can be especially true if you work outside the office, and then need to return at the end of the day to send out all your documents. Making this process quicker and simpler can cut down on that time, meaning you can go home that much earlier.

Digitalising Data

Having your client information on a paper database can be long and arduous. You not only will need to fill this in and file it in line with GDPR, but you need it to be organised in a way that you can find any data that you need easily.

Rather than spending your precious time sifting through files and mounds of paperwork to get the information you need; you can consolidate all of this onto a digitalised database. From here, it will be much easier and quicker to search for the information within the database file. You can even have your computer run the search for you in a matter of seconds. Due to this, you can get out to jobs a lot quicker, and also have the added bonus of being able to access information on the go.

Sticking to Your Hours

If you are your own boss, you will be the one who sets the hours you work. It can be tempting to take on extra work, especially if the money will come in handy, but that may not necessarily be the best route to take. Working more and more outside your chosen hours means that you will have less time for both yourself and your family. Not only that, but overworking can cause problems with your mental health, which may have an impact on both your future jobs and the quality time you spend with others.

Making more time for yourself and your family can help you to regulate your mental health, as well as not miss out on important moments in their lives. Balancing your work with your personal life is vital to making sure you feel your best.