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Great news for cocktail lovers in Leicester as we’ve got a new Tasting Room to enjoy! Cocktails and doughnuts whilst dancing to your own music? Yeh go on…

Leicester’s premier boutique hotel, Maiyango, is celebrating 10 years with the launch of their brand new Tasting Room. Encouraging all visitors to “Enjoy the small things in life”, Maiyango’s Tasting Room is an intimate and quirky room, which is now available for hire.

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Maiyango understand the importance of keeping events and gatherings unique and exclusive and that’s why their Tasting Room is designed for groups of up to 20 guests.  The Tasting Room also encourages you to bring out your fun side with their ladies Beauty Bar and disco ball. But what about the music? Simple, bring your own. Just plug in your iPod and you can enjoy the evening with your own tunes; One Direction or Tom Jones, we won’t judge!

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There are a number of reasonably priced packages available in the Tasting Room, including Maiyango’s hugely popular Cocktail Classes, where you get to choose your favourite Maiyango cocktails to make with one of their experienced Mixologists. If you prefer to leave the drink making to the experts then you can opt for free private hire of the space and your own bartender with one of their drinks packages including Disco Ball Punch Bowls, buckets of beer, your own Bellini Bar, Hard Teas and even Hard American style Shakes. With Maiyango recently winning Gold in the Taste of England Award you can also choose to top off the evening with canapés, an antipasti board or even doughnuts and popcorn.

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Maiyango’s Tasting Room is located at 52A Highcross Street and is available now for private hire for a maximum of 20 guest.

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