How are you getting on with your lockdown hair?

Barrie Stephen is on hand with his ‘no judgement’ advice and top tips for managing your locks at home, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

Barrie believes that a new hairstyle makes us feel empowered and ready to tackle what life throws at us. Not only that, a new do can help to release tension as the joy of ‘me time’ time pumps endorphins round our body, while also improving the look and feel of our hair.

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So how can you keep on top of it at home?

Check out Barrie’s top tips for looking after your locks in lock down:

  1. TLC

Try to use a hair mask once a week and if possible, use professional hair products from your hairdresser. Now is a great time to heal split ends until you can see your hairdresser from a trim. Many hair salons, like Barrie Stephen Hair, are still in touch with its clients, shipping out products prescriptive to them directly to their doors.

  1. Get creative

Play around with wands, curlers, hairdryers and rollers. Now’s the time to test your hair skills, have a play and see what you can create with the tools you have at home. Look out for online tutorials from Barrie, coming soon.

  1. Colour care

The use of heated hair tools and the glorious weather we’ve had of late can make coloured hair fade quickly. To prevent this, make sure you use a treatment to care for your colour. Barrie Stephen Hair has got some brilliant offers on salon colour treatments for faded hair and enhancing vibrancy.

Barrie Stephen leicester

  1. Embrace your roots

There’s no better time to give you hair a break from colouring. Try not to worry about your roots growing out, it just means you can have more fun and an exciting transformation when you return to your hairdresser!

  1. DIY Dyes

Try to resist colouring your hair at home. It’s likely to do more harm than good in the long run, plus it may cost a lot of time and money to correct when you see your hairdresser again. If your roots are really giving you sleepless nights and you reach for the box dye, make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and always do a patch test. The patch test is something we are legalistic about at the salon and were the first to launch the campaign. Never before has this been so important and clients will need a patch test after this break. It’s how we protect you and it’s how you can protect yourself.

  1. Getting scissor happy

If you’ve already got a fringe, it’s okay to trim a little off the bottom to keep it out your eyes, following the cut you’ve had in the salon. I wouldn’t recommend cutting a fringe in if you haven’t already got one, it can be tricky to get right.

To shave or not to shave…

  1. For our gentlemen clients who are struggling without their regular trip to the salon or barber, I recommend using your clippers on the number two setting for the sides and the longest gradient setting for the top of the hair. Or go for the full shave like me – it’ll soon grow, and we’ll be here to tidy it up when this is all over!

Barrie Stephen leicester

To wave a flag of support to NHS workers across Leicestershire, Barrie has also commissioned the painting of rainbows on both his Leicester city centre and Anstey salon windows. The two salons are in close proximity to the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the Leicester General Hospital and welcome many clients who work for the NHS.

Having previously taken part in visits to offer hair care for cancer patients, Barrie wanted to show his support to the local hospitals at this unprecedented time. As well as the rainbow window displays, which publicly share the businesses appreciation for frontline healthcare workers, the salon group is also offering £20 vouchers for NHS staff when it reopens.

To find out more and to book in once lockdown is lifted, visit