It’s a tough time for those who are planning weddings at the moment, with so much uncertainty around venues and suppliers.

However, Leicester Wedding Network are on hand this weekend to kick that wedding excitement back in place with their virtual wedding fair.

The virtual fair will take place at 11am on Sunday 19 April with a range of local suppliers giving an insight into how they can help to make yours the best day ever. After a slideshow of recommended suppliers there will be some live presentations, followed by a q&a so you can make sure you have all the details you need to carry on the planning for your big day.

A spokesperson for the Leicester Wedding Network commented, “We have decided to move the event online as a Virtual wedding fair, this will start at the same time on same date 11am 19th April and will feature a video/slideshow of our suppliers, after this we will have a series of facebook lives from our suppliers telling you about their business. We will be running a Q&A alongside this so brides and grooms can ask any wedding related questions. We are encouraging everyone to view this in their jimjams and hope to assist lots of brides and grooms with their wedding planning.”

You can tune into the fair via the Leicester Wedding Network Facebook page.