From planes to Formula 1 racing, a new simulator experience has landed in Leicester city centre. Leicester Simulations is now open on Cank Street offering some brilliant experiences for vistitors.

Experience a Spitfire Simulator, either flying solo around London or trailing behind a german bomber formation where you can blaze away to your heart’s content, saving good old Blighty. Or perhaps you’d like to get involved in the latest F1 race days, where you can race solo or bring an opponent to see who the best driver is.

Leicester Simulations offers the latest simulator experience for adrenaline seekers. Their state of the art simulation technology even trains Formula three drivers. The professional software, steering systems and pedal boxes will give you the most realistic experience.

For the flying simulators you can enjoy the flights as a fighter pilot:  historic air defence of England against German bombers, firstly against those attacking Dover, next against formations attacking London, then finally you will be dogfighting with Messerschmitt 109s.

Prices start from £20 for the racing experience and £40 for the flying experiences. 1 hour flight experiences are £100 however they are currently offer 50% off those 1 hour sessions if booked before the end of August!

Thinking of taking the kids? Simulators are suitable for children aged 10+.

Leicester Simulations is based on Cank Street. Find out more and make a booking via the Leicester Simulations website.