Have you ever dreamt of getting on the decks on a night out, or mixing your favourite tracks?

Leicester DJ Richie Atkins, aka Dirty Secretz, has been a DJ for 20 years and now he’s launching his training videos online, so you can learn some new skills whilst you’re stuck at home!

Tell us a little about the DJ classes that you’re doing online.

So on my Youtube channel I do a whole load of educational content, teaching people how to use the music production software Ableton but also DJ-related software like Rekordbox and various equipment made by Pioneer DJ. These videos are a mix of full tutorial courses, tip videos and live streams. 

What age range are they suitable for?

The videos are aimed at any age that wants to pick up making music.

Do people need any experience in DJ ing or particular equipment at home?

To follow along with the videos they’ll need either the software or hardware that I’m talking about in the video. If for example it’s a music production video, they’ll need a laptop/desktop computer and the software I talk about in the video. With most of my videos I try to stick to software/equipment people have or can get free where possible so that more can follow along.

dirty secretz dj

You’ve been Doing for 20 years, how did you get started?

I started DJing around 20 years ago when I bought a pair of vinyl decks for my birthday. I do remember it took me a while to get the hang of it but I was hooked right from the start. I think it was probably a few years after that I got my first gig but I also had been DJing on an online radio station from my bedroom.

What’s your favourite thing about it?

For me it’s all about blending tracks together, I had been fascinated with that skill ever since I bought my first compilation CD and heard how they mixed two tracks together. In my early days it was all about that but now really it’s about being able to play my own tracks out, playing something to people that they’ve never heard before – that’s what I get the biggest kick out of.

What one piece of advice would you give to any aspiring DJ?

If you’re starting out as a DJ the biggest thing now is to also be learning how to produce as that really is what gets your name out. It’s essential to practice DJing of course and getting local gigs is definitely a great way to build up experience but taking it to that next level is all about creating a name for yourself and that usually comes through having your tracks played on radio & getting support from larger DJs. That will all come with time though, the most important thing is to put in the time to become good at it.

How can people find out more?

There is a whole load of video content on my Youtube channel and if you’re looking to learn how to produce music, I have a beginners guide to Ableton and how to create your own DJ edits & remixes: http://www.dirty-secretz.com/making-dj-edits-mashups-remixes-in-ableton