We’re really very fortunate in Leicester to be able to see some fantastic street art when out walking in the city centre, but do you ever wonder how the artists do it?

Thanks to events like Bring The Paint, Leicester City Centre is awash with street art on the walls of previously unremarkable buildings. Bringing the city to life, it’s an art form that is getting more and more appreciation. One artist, Kiefer Scott, AKA Scholar, has now launched a book for those who want to learn how to get started.

We caught up with him to find out more.

You’ve created a book to learn about drawing street art, where did the inspiration come from? 

I designed this book to help the upcoming graffiti generation learn some handy facts when drawing their letters and building their style. When I first started graffiti I made thousands of mistakes that I would not have had if I understood the basics of letter structure.

Releasing this book meant I could reach others who are in the same predicament I was, and hopefully make their journey that little bit easier, creating a graffiti filled sketchbook along the way.

learn street art graffiti

Who is the book aimed at? 

Volume one of the Street Scholar Sketchbook is aimed at beginners who want to learn the basic rules of letter form. The book is designed for you to learn the knowledge at the front, move from page to page, and progress your skill by building a stronger understanding of how to construct your letters.

What are some of your favourite murals leicester? 

To be honest, the city is covered in amazing artwork and each piece I see inspires me in a new and unique way, I really love them all. It would be very hard to pick a favourite. 

As an artist yourself, would we have seen your work anywhere? 

’Scholar’ is my artist name but I like to paint many names and experiment with multiple flows, colours and shapes. 

When Bring The Paint festival took over the city I was lucky enough to be a featured artist. My piece illustrates a Dennis The Menace tomato fight with the graffiti spelling AGIE, you can find this located in Leicester city centre, behind the Phoenix cinema on Morledge St.

This is a great space to see loads of murals from Bring The Paint and I’d highly recommend a walk around those art covered streets!

learn street art graffiti

How popular have the books been so far? 

The reaction from customers has been nothing but positive, The first run of books completely sold out within one month, reaching countries such as America, Germany, France, Japan, Ireland and a multiple of cities all across the UK. It’s great to see such a happy response.

How do you find Leicester as a supportive arts community?

Leicester is an inspiring city with places such as Graff HQ offering a relaxing atmosphere for creatives to hang out, they also host workshops every month, free for all to attend. StudionAme is also a place which I’d love to mention, I’m currently a resident there and this studio is always pushing the boundaries with its artists and community projects, also offering free workshops and open gallery events to showcase all their artists talents. 

Leicester is always advancing in its creative sectors and I can’t wait to see what the community will bring.

Where can people buy and find out more?

The second run of the book is now available, you get a free digital downloadable version with your purchase, to find out more about Street Scholar’s new release please visit www.streetscholar.co.uk

Or find us on Instagram, Facebook or Etsy.

learn street art graffiti