Looking for something different to do with the kids this summer? How about a sushi making class at 100&Six on Queens Road?

Treat your youngsters to a fantastic hands-on sushi making class brought to you by Yuko Dixon of Omotenashi Dining

Little’uns will learn essential skills and tricks which will allow them to make delicious sushi at home (lucky parents!), plus they’ll also learn how to hold chopsticks as well as a little bit of Japanese etiquette.

The class is suitable for 5-12yrs with support from an adult, who will be working with their child(ren) to support and guide them through the sushi making.

You can look forward to making:
Nigiri — small ball of rice with toppings
Hosomaki — small roll
Temaki — hand roll
Uramaki — inside out roll
Vegetarian and vegan options available in all.

The classes take place on Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 August at 10.30am and bookings must be made in advance by calling 0116 274 5223. Places cost £15 per child (adults free/adults can bring up to 2 children).

All participants should bring
1) Apron
2) A sharp chef’s knife (handled by adult only)
3) A chopping board
4) Plastic containers to bring the sushi back home