Fancy having a clear out of some of your old clothes whilst also getting your hands on a new wardrobe? Get yourself along to the Swap Shop at Brewdog on 16 March. 

Set up by local fashion girl, Nikki Millar and friends, they’ve organised the swap shop in the hope of reducing waste, looking after the environment and raising money for charity at the same time.

The event will take place at Brew Dog on 16 March and they’re currently on the scout for people to donate clothing. Whether you’re looking to swap clothes for new items that ‘Spark Joy’ or just to donate to the cause and clear some space out, there’s room to get involved.

swap shop leicester

Got nothing to clear out? People are also able to turn up to the event and buy tokens which they can trade for clothes on the day.

Nikki, who also runs Leicester based fashion company Silly Girl Club, commented, “As well as helping with environmental issues by swapping clothes rather than buying new ones, all of the proceeds we make will be donated to a charity called Labour Behind the Label. A charity who raise money to help with labour rights within the global fashion industry. They create awareness raising, researching and lobbying in support of workers demands for improved pay and conditions. It’s a cause i’m passionate about and very prominent for 2019.

Keep up to date by joining the Swap Shop event on Facebook.