Do you ever wish you knew how to capture the very best images of your dog? Then why not join a free dog photography session in Knighton Park on Saturday 29 February.

This is your opportunity to join professional photographers as they run through different camera settings whilst using the park’s poochies as subjects.

On the day you’ll learn about shutter speed, F numbers and depth of field, all of which can have a great effect on your final images.

All cameras are welcome – smartphone, analogue and DSLRs are all acceptable on the day. Bonus points if you also bring your own dog with you (but bringing your own dog isn’t mandatory!)

The session will last for 90 minutes and the meeting point is the Knighton Park carpark at 11am (postcode LE2 3RT). The session is free – just look out for the group with cameras around their necks when you arrive!

If you have any questions please contact Photography Oddities on Facebook.