esme patterson
Singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson might not yet be a name familiar to many of you but this performer, who’s at the heart of Denver’s folk n roll scene, has just released her third solo album and is about to embark on a UK tour as Frank Turner’s support act.

The former front woman of Americana band Paper Bird released her most recent album We Were Wild this year with the album taking Esmé’s folk n roll and bringing in sixties, rock and pop influences to create a fantastic journey album. 

With Esmé heading out on a UK tour with Frank Turner this month we caught up with her for a proper Cool As introduction.

How would you best describe your sound (for fans of…)

Dreamy loud emotional rock and roll.

Who’s been your biggest musical inspiration?


What’s been your favourite venue to play at?

Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado is one of the most stunning venues in the world, and it’s right by where i grew up so it’s got that nostalgia going for it too.

As former front woman of Americana band Paper Bird, how did you find the transition to perform as a solo artist?

I was one of 3 front-persons in that band, and they’re were (are) a lot of very strong personalities in that group so i often kind of retreated into my own world. The last two years i was in that band, I was making my own albums and just drifted further and further into doing my own thing. So I’d say the transition was slow and largely unconscious, but when i finally did really leave the group it was a wonderful, and terrifying feeling of freedom.

You’ve got a night off from performing, who’s the band you want to go and see?

When I’m off of tour i like to go see local bands in Portland, Oregon, where i live. Seeing local bands is such a great way to tap into the artistic community of a city, it’s often a really inspiring experience.

What was the first song you ever learnt to play?

On guitar: angel from Montgomery by John Prime
How do you feel that the new album We Were Wild differs to your previous releases?

We Were Wild is a more “rocking”, darker album with lots more processed sounds and deep grooves.

What are you most looking forward to about touring with Frank Turner?

Excited to play for his enthusiastic and rowdy crowds!

Esmé Patterson’s new album We Were Wild is out now and the video for Feel Right, taken from the album, can be seen below. You can catch Esmé supporting Frank Turner on tour which kicks off in Dublin on Wednesday 16 November. We’ll be looking forward to catching her live!

Tour tickets are available from Seetickets.