Rustic Kitchen & Deli is one of the fabulous new foodie set-ups to come out of lockdown 2020. Based over at The Manor in Tur Langton, Tom and Lee have teamed up to provide a wonderful selection of home made meals, local artisan products, weekend treats and much more.

They’re now offering delivery from their kitchen base or you can order online for click & collect. The duo have a brilliant hospitality background, working in top restaurants, and this shines through in the quality of their food. We caught up with Lee to find out more about what they have on offer and plans for the future.

Can you tell us a little about Rustic Kitchen and what you offer?

We are an online deli / kitchen who are building a foodie treasure trove of the best local & British products on offer from artisan breads from Hambleton Bakery, top class British cheeses & the best artisan suppliers from our region. We also offer different services such as donut Saturday, grazing boxes & tables for private events, our monthly challenge of fakeaways where we put our culinary skills to the test and take on a high street giant with our own take on their classic dishes like this months nandfauxs ! We will also offer in the coming months themes such as a brownie club & local fish n chip Friday.

rustic kitchen leicestershire

How did you first come to set up the concept?

We have wanted to work together for quite a few years  a deli was always a passion of ours to do. But this online concept came about through COVID as Tom’s wedding catering business ‘Thomas the Caterer’ was badly affected with all weddings postponed through the summer. I was working as a development chef about to move to a new company developing products for a consultancy company, but as the country went into lockdown they pulled out of the deal leaving me jobless for the first time in my life!  So we thought we aren’t having this and started things up in Tom’s empty unit in Tur Langton and have started Rustic Kitchen & Deli. (RKD)

Tell us a little about your background in food & hospitality.

We both have had over 20yrs experience each in the food industry I have been working my way through different restaurants in and around Leicester including head chef of The Case restaurant before working at Hammer and Pincers in Wymeswold with Tom as my Head Chef then moved into product development working on innovation for the food service sector. 

Tom has worked in numerous restaurants around the country and world, namely Australia & France then he became head chef at the Hammer and Pincers before starting his  own company, the award winning wedding caterer ‘Thomas the Caterer’ which currently hold many awards for its pies and wedding catering services. 

rustic kitchen leicestershire

What are some of your favourite items stocked at Rustic Kitchen?

My favourite items stocked are some of the British cheeses we have such as Tunworth, Black Bomber & Long Clawson Stilton. Hambleton Bakery bread is also a favourite of ours as we love excellent bread. Also we have just launched The Sauce Shop which are amazing sauces made with passion and really pack a punch. Tom loves all the ready meals we do, he says “it’s like the best bits of my old job coming into play without anyone telling me I have to make it cheaper!” What can I say, they are bloody delicious!

What are your plans for the business as life returns to normal post-Covid?

Our plans for Rustic Kitchen are to keep on supplying amazing products and cooking some really interesting delicious food. Also our aim in the long run is to get a premises and to offer a foodie haven! Our dream is to have a functioning kitchen within a deli where the customer can see how their food is made and ask any foodie questions they have. Also have a banging record collection playing in the background as well 😉

rustic kitchen leicestershire

Who are some of your favourite local producers in Leicestershire?

We have a few on the site already and we are working on getting a few more but some of our favourites are Manor Farm Yoghurt which is some of the best yoghurt in the midlands, Long Clawson Stilton is one of the best Stiltons in the country & also Vine Farm Dairy has amazing fresh milk you can really taste the difference

When are you open and how can people order and find out more?

We are always open to place an order but between Tuesday – Saturday you can click n collect from our base in The Manor Tur Langton or we offer a free delivery within a 6 mile radius of our site. You can order on the website which is a really easy and safe way to shop.

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rustic kitchen leicestershire