Making environmentally friendly and sustainable choices is important in all aspects of day to day life.

Will set up Eco Bru after being inspired whilst travelling. He has since created a fabulous range of bamboo toothbrushes, which are stocked around Leicester and also available to buy online. We caught up with him to find out more about it.

Tell us a little about Eco Bru and how you got started?

My name is Will. I am 25 years old and have been lucky enough to travel. This opened my eyes to what us (as a human race) are doing to our planet. I wanted to make an impact, a change but had no idea how to go about it. Once I had returned home, I started selling (on a very small scale) a variety of zero waste alternatives to every day products as a secondary business, whilst I worked full time. This lead me on to thinking deeply about how I could make a more monumental change. With a limited business background, working only for my dad’s company following the completion of my PE degree, I had to invest a lot of time into research. I started watching youtube videos on how to create a brand and picked up information from wherever possible.

eco bru bamboo toothbrush

What is it that’s different about your products and what made you go down that route?

After starting the business I furthered my research into the bamboo toothbrush market. I felt there was a real gap for the right product. My aim was to create a zero waste, bamboo toothbrush that was just as aesthetically pleasing as a plastic brush, cleans in the same way and is not dissimilar in price. With my brand Eco-Bru Ltd, I feel I’ve achieved this goal.

What’s your favourite thing about running Eco Bru?

My favourite thing about running Eco-Bru is that I get to positively impact the environment and make people happy at the same time. I like it most when I send someone a brush or supply a shop and they’re so excited with the product and say how good it is etc. That feeling is brilliant.

eco bru bamboo toothbrush

How do you find Leicester as a city to start a business in?

It’s all I know I guess. It was a slow launch as I started along side another job but just went into a few shops selling in person and most people loved the product and wanted to stock them.

Who are some of your other favourite independents?

I do my best to actively support as many as I can. I like The Bottle Garden in St Martins Square as that’s run by two young entrepreneurs and locally I frequent to Northen Cobbler and Pavlovs on Queens Road, of course! I’ll always choose an independent over a chain if I can, it’s important to support local business.

eco bru bamboo toothbrush


Where can people find out more about or buy your products?

People can find my brushes at various locations around Leicester and the UK including; Nada, Just., Currant Affairs, Green & Pleasant but also on my website: