Street food has never been so popular, with so many wonderful traders and brilliant foodie events across the country, it’s an amazing time for the food industry. In Leicester we’re lucky to have some fantastic street food events right here in the city and so we caught up with one of our favourites, Urban Cheesecake, to find out more about life as a trader, ahead of Canteen’s birthday event on New Market Square this weekend.

How did you get into street food?
Having been born into the pub industry, catering and service was always a big part of my life. During my 20 years running bars and restaurants I’d kept my eye close on the ever expanding street food scene and fell in love with the concept and just loved the vibe that surrounded it. Our cheesecake concept was born on the back of my previous restaurant, then in 2017 we took the plunge and got involved and haven’t looked back since!!
Tell us a little more about Urban Cheesecake?
Urban Cheesecake is a simple concept that puts the customer in charge of what they want! We hand make all our sauces and caramels then drench our stunning handcrafted cheesecake in them! The recipe is a closely guarded secret!
urban cheesecake
What’s your favourite thing about street food events?
EATING!!! That’s gotta be up there!! Some of the best food I’ve eaten is on the streets! Overall I love the vibe and diversity, I love to watch peoples faces as they enjoy the one thing that brings everyone together… FOOD!
Do you think the street food bubble will burst or is it here to stay?
Trends come and go, we all know that! I think it’s got plenty of years left to be honest, I think the boom of independent business is the most exciting movement and I think people love to get behind it. The powerhouse that is the global managed company has taken a real blow from the exciting and creative street chefs, and the public cant seem to get enough of it.
What’s your favourite thing about trading in Leicester at Canteen?
We first traded this time last year at Canteen and were blown away by the response for our product! Its a very slick and well organised operation and it’s hands down one of our favourite events. 
What’s the BEST thing on your menu?
Gotta be our famous “Lottery Winner” – that thing flies out! Shards of Swiss Lindt chocolate, gallons of sea salted caramel and topped with smashed buttery shortbread! We had over 100k likes on tLadBible for that one!
Credit WhatAlEats
Who are some of your other favourite traders on the street food scene?
Too many mention! I genuinely love so many it would be unfair for me to pick a few!
How many cheesecakes do you eat per week? Or are you sick of eating it by now? (how could you ever be?!)
Actually I don’t eat many anymore! I do however, every once in a while, make myself one up and remind myself how good they are!!
What big gigs have you got coming up?
We’ve got a busy year – Digbeth Dining Club, Peddler, Canteen, Bustler, Baltic market, Tramlines, Swansea Street Food Festival, and that’s just naming a few!
If you were coming to Canteen’s Birthday event as a punter, what would you be eating from the menus?
You can catch Urban Cheesecake at Canteen’s Birthday Weekender on New Market Square on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March. Check out their menu right HERE.