Letterbox gifting has never been so popular, but what about sending dried flowers instead of fresh?

We caught up with Beth from Leicestershire’s Timeless Blossom about her range of letterbox dried flower bouquets, how she started to business and why they’re such a popular choice.

How long have you been running Timeless Blossom?

I launched Timeless Blossom at the end of September 2020, so just over 4 months now!

How did you come up with the idea?

I love receiving flowers, and years and years ago, before I was born, my mum used to have a little shop selling dried flowers. Her wedding bouquet was dried and is still on display at their home nearly 30 years later, and when I was little, I thought the dried flowers were really cool. Fast forward to last year and during Leicester’s never-ending lockdown I wanted a new project, and thought dried bouquets and wreaths were a great idea. People can send them to their loved ones across the country and spread a bit of cheer.

Why do people go for dried flowers over fresh?

Dried flowers last so much longer (they can last for years if they are looked after well), and are really beautiful. I think a lot of people like to buy them as gifts for special occasions, because they last, they are perfect for commemorating important events such as engagements, anniversaries, special birthdays, and graduations. Also, a lot of people like the fact that because they last for longer they aren’t thrown away after a few weeks, so it reduces waste.

Do you make the bouquets yourself? What’s the process involved?

I do! The process involves initially coming up with some rough ideas about colour scheme and style, then sourcing the flowers, and designing the bouquets (trying lots of ideas to see what looks the best together). Then it’s onto photography, writing the copy, and marketing them, etc. It’s very much a one-woman show. The wreaths take longer to make, they are much more fiddly – but I really enjoy making them, each wreath I make is unique and I enjoy the freedom to be creative with one off products.

What are you favourite flowers to include?

Oh it’s so hard to pick, I LOVE larkspur. They are great for adding height to a bouquet, and they just look stunning dried. Also, they stay really bright, fresh colours naturally when they are dried which I love. I also really like using lavender, they add a nice scent to the bouquets and wreaths. Roses add a touch of luxury to a bouquet, and bunny tails are a fun addition.

Do you do custom pieces as well?

Yes! I am always happy to discuss custom ideas for both bouquets and wreaths – just message me on Instagram, Facebook, or Etsy.

Where can people shop and find out more?

I’m on Instagram @timeless_blossom, Facebook @timelessblossom, and Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TimelessBlossom