Deacon Street Arts is a new multi-purpose arts venue that has just opened in the city, close to DMU main campus.

Set-up by a group of eager creative volunteers, we caught up with them to find out more about the project, the venue and how people can get involved.

Deacon Street Arts is a new multi-purpose arts venue, how did the idea for the space come about?

Leicester has such an incredible wealth of artists, musicians, and comedians so we wanted to create a place where like-minded people can test out new material in an easy to reach location. We really loved the idea of creating a hub to help redirect more arts into the city.

How can people get involved with the new venue and events?

We always post any upcoming events on our Facebook page and across our social media, whether it be a comedy night or musical jam – we’d love for as many people to get involved as possible!

We’re very open to hear ideas for any possible future workshops or events that anyone would like to hold at Deacon Street Arts too! Just drop us an email at [email protected] 🙂

What sort of events are you hoping to host?

Our main focuses are theatre, cinema, art galleries, and music! We’ve got our first comedy night on the 13th December where we have two amazing improv groups performing, as well a chance for the audience to join in too. As we also have a start-up business hub in the space too, we’ll be looking at hosting some networking events and creative business talks.

deacon street arts leicester

What do you think of the arts scene in Leicester at the moment?  

It’s pretty great, right?! Thriving and forever expanding. It’s amazing to see how much support there is for artists out there at the moment.

How have you found launching the venue in terms of funding and local support?

Deacon Street Arts is solely reliant on volunteers at the moment, but funding is something we’re going to look at in the near future. We are working from zero, so all the events we are holding will help fund even bigger events as we move forward! The local support has been phenomenal and people are really embracing what we’re offering already. 

What sets you apart from other venues in the city?

Every volunteer we have is already involved in the arts one way or another and it’s incredible to see the passion they have, being brought into this new venue. When we’re all together and discussing ideas – it honestly feels like anything is possible. I think we’re all just really excited to take each of our areas of expertise and show the public that at Deacon Street Arts – the possibilities are endless!

deacon street arts leicester

What big plans do you have for 2020?

It’ll be our first official year of being open – which is very exciting. We will have a community cinema, theatre productions, comedy, and live music, as well as start-up businesses working together and collaborating. We’re going to keep the space flexible and hopefully by the end of the first year, we will have a fully formed identity and ready to take on 2021!

Deacon Street Arts is located at 20 Deacon Street, Leicester. You can find out more about the venue at their Welcome Evening on Friday 6 December from 7pm. Keep up to date with their latest events via Facebook and Instagram.