Noelle is Leicester’s newest independent fashion brand, focused on ethically made sustainable clothing.

Their focus is on loungewear with a contemporary feel, with their debut collection featuring hoodies, vests, shorts and more. Born in Clarendon Park and already catching the attention of celebs including Dawn O’Porter, it’s an exciting time for the business.

We caught up with designer and business owner, Eliza, to find out more about it.

How would you sum up Noelle in one sentence?

Noelle is an independent clothing brand, ethically made in Leicester from Certified Organic Cotton.

noelle clothing

What inspired you to launch the new brand?

I saw a gap in the market – many of us have lived in loungewear throughout the past 18 months and I hated having to change if I needed to pop out.

Noelle clothing is so comfortable with a contemporary look and you can dress the pieces up or down. 

I only create pieces that don’t already exist and that I desperately want to wear. Our sweatshirt isn’t just a regular sweatshirt, it’s cut to be THE best sweatshirt, that will last you forever!

I know I’ve nailed a design and my pattern cutting when I don’t want to take off the sample. 

Tell us a little about your background in fashion?

I graduated from De Montfort University in 2016 after studying Contour Fashion and I’ve now had 5+ years industry experience working in Design, Trend Forecasting and Buying. 

My graduate collection was dyed with natural dyes, things like avocado skins and onion peel. I’d love to go back to this one day, perhaps using waste products from local cafes like coffee grounds.

These natural colours inspired this collection, I spent a lot of time developing the colour palette. I love wearing a monochrome look or mixing up the pieces as they all compliment each other. 

noelle clothing

There’s a strong focus on sustainability, which brands do you take inspiration from on this? Who is doing it well?

Patagonia is my biggest inspiration, they do so much good and prioritise the planet over anything else.  I also like brands like Sézane as they make small production runs like Noelle, to eliminate waste. 

I think investing in great quality is important as it will last in your wardrobe. All of Noelle’s products are made to last and will only improve over time with washing and wear. 

How do you find Leicester as a city to launch a new business in?

The best! Whenever I spoke to anyone about my ideas, I was always encouraged to just go for it. I feel like I’m not competing with anyone, we’re all empowering each other!

There is a real community feel and people love to support local businesses. Leicester residents are very proud of their city and I love that. 

noelle clothing
A free Noelle mask in every purchase

Who are some of your other favourite local independents?

The Tiny Bakery, The Allotment, Gelato Village, Harriman & Co. and The Bloom Project are my favourites but there are so many others that I love. We are spoilt for choice in Leicester with great shops, restaurants and bars!

What is your favourite Noelle item?

Currently with the warmer weather, I am loving the Ribbed Vests. They look great with jeans and are available in four unique colours so I’m wearing those on rotation. 

The design is not like anything else i’ve seen on the market, they’re cut quite high on the neck with a square neckline. They can be casual or dressed up and are so flattering!

noelle clothing

Where do you hope to be in 12 months?

Tackling environmental issues is so important, I am a sustainable brand but there is always more to be done. 

It’s also really important to me to expand my size range. As a new business I wasn’t able to offer every size but inclusivity is imperative.

I’ve got lots of new products and colours sampled and ready to go so I can’t wait to see the range grow and I’d love to employ someone to work alongside me. 

Where can people find out more?

I’m on instagram or head to the website