As we put Dry January behind us, we’re looking forward to some new Leicestershire venue launches and one of those we can’t wait for is 100&Six on Queens Road. We caught up with owner, Kal, to find out more about what we can expect.

What made you choose Queens Road for the location of your new opening?
It’s a great community, I lived and worked running Bar Dos & Barceloneta for 7 years so know it well. I wanted to do something new outside the centre and wanted the right place. This popped up & it felt natural to come back and bring something new to a community I know and love.

What can customers expect from the new bar?
It’s a fun, inventive, modern neighbourhood bar & eatery. With the community always at heart, plus the ambition & mind to become a destination.

kal 33 cank street

Your venue at 33 Cank Street in town is well known for its high-end cocktails, table service and unique menu, will the new launch also be in keeping with this?
33cankstreet has built up its own unique feel over the past five years. Even if we could, it simply wouldn’t make sense to try and replicate it. 

We hope that our city centre cocktail bar continues to thrive for many years, retaining its tongue firmly in cheek approach to challenging what & how we drink, whilst giving you an amazing experience. 

One thing that will remain the same as 33cankstreet, is our commitment to the community. 100&Six will share much of the DNA, but in its own style, hopefully.

In short, it will be a different offering, but with the same attention to detail in terms of quality and inventiveness. Inevitably they’ll be nods to cank, and they’ll be an element of working together as sister sites.

There have been some notable closures in Leicester over the last 12 months, especially on the food & drink front, what do you think of Leicester’s scene at the moment?
I think the food/drink scene is incredible in Leicester, I applaud independents and anyone willing to take a risk.  I’m really sad to see some of my own personal favourites go, they have closed for a mixture of reasons. All I can do is urge people to look to the positive and keep supporting independents

What’s YOUR favourite cocktail to drink and/or make?
Such a difficult question. To drink, whatever I’m currently working on. To make, anything that goes to the customer in the knowledge that it’s what they wanted & have enjoyed.

100&six queens road

If you could open any bar anywhere in the world what would it be and where would it be?
I think for most people the answer would be a simple shack on a beautiful beach, I’m no different!

Where are your other favourite places to go in Leicester?
The list is huge! For food; A Turkish meal on Narborough road, Melton or Belgrave Road for a thali, and Wakaze on High Street. Drink wise, Blue Boar for beer/ale and any of the pubs and bars on Queens Road. I should also mention my neighbours and regular fuel stop, the impeccable Crafty.

What will be the one must order drink/item from the menu at the 100&Six venue?
Anything on the draught cocktail offering. It tastes great, is consistent as its freshly batched on-site, and like beer/wine, give to the opportunity to sample before your commit. It also gives your server time to engage with the guest.

Sum up the new space in 5 words…
Community, seasonal, fresh, fun, welcoming.

100&Six is set to open on Queens Road in early 2019.