There’s a brand new boutique fitness centre that has recently opened in Clarendon Park, ATTAIN.

Located on Clarendon Park Road, ATTAIN Health Studio has been set up by 28 year old CJ Bishop who is a Clarendon Park local and comes from a sporting background. We caught up with him to find out more about the studio and what sets them apart from the rest.

Tell us a little about ATTAIN and what people can expect when they visit?

ATTAIN is Leicester’s only boutique fitness studio which boasts a biophilic design. This is a design concept that focuses on the natural world and human’s connection to it.

We’ve incorporated natural elements throughout the space; like our wooden WaterRower, array of plants, artificial grass, bespoke wooden climbing wall, bespoke wooden Swedish ladders and monkey bars.

At ATTAIN, we have steered away from the typical trend of gyms that incorporate heavy weights and commercial equipment.  Instead, we provide a less intimidating and more welcoming space that has proved to be very functional.  We have kept the number of mirrors in the Studio to a minimum as whilst they do break up the space and help with correcting form, we want to enhance our purpose of escapism and encourage Clients to focus on themselves, without the interference and distractions of a reflection.

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What made you choose your location in Clarendon Park?

Having lived in the area for a number of years, I am familiar with both the vibrant Queens Road and Clarendon Park Road. I have always said that a fitness facility of some form would be great for the area, especially on one of the said roads, so I have always kept an eye out for a suitable space.

What do you think makes ATTAIN different to other gyms or PT studios?

We are Leicester’s only fitness Studio that has adopted this biophilic design, so our studio provides a natural, airy and sleek environment to promote escapism and a connection with nature.

The Studio boasts natural woods and materials, neutral colours and an ambient backdrop of melodic chilled music. The equipment is welcoming and functional meaning that Clients can get straight on with exercising and working towards their fitness goals.

The current market appears to be commercialised and inundated with gyms sharing a range of similarities including heavy black, chrome and rubber equipment, overwhelming loud music and lots of digital screens. We have absolutely nothing against this but we are proud that ATTAIN provides something different that adheres to its values and mission: a space to escape, unplug and reconnect – a holistic approach to exercise focusing on the mind, body and spirit. 

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What has the demand been like for fitness classes and information during and since lockdown?

Since lockdown, I have seen many people take up running, cycling, online training and at home exercise; whether that be for recreational reasons or health reasons. Of course, we all know the associated benefits of exercise and physical activity and its links to mental wellbeing, which I feel many of these activities provided support for during these times.

Lockdown has been a rollercoaster but has certainly provided perspective regarding an  individual’s social, emotional, physical and mental health, the importance of understanding oneself and combatting through challenging times.

With lockdown restrictions easing, people are wanting to continue with exercise for various reasons and so many have reached out for personal training sessions and classes. I must say that it is great to see a range of these taking place in our local parks and green spaces.

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How did you get started in the fitness industry?

Fitness for me started in the early secondary school years when I purchased my first dumbbell set and downloaded a training programme from the internet to help enhance my sporting ability. From here it has stuck with me.

Personal training has always been an interest of mine and I have always been interested in studying the body’s anatomy and how it can be trained to achieve certain outcomes. Wanting to further my study of the human body, I opted for a sports course at both post-16 level and degree level.  This helped me achieve a small success whilst at University – playing elite basketball for the Leicester Riders.

As I entered the world of work and still heavily playing sport at a high level, I found myself using sport and physical activity as a tool to engage children and young people who may be disengaged with education.

At this early stage in my career it was evident that there was a fundamental physical and sporting competence gap amongst certain groups. I then decided to further study the sociology of this implication before finding myself employed by the community arm of LCFC. I provided sporting activities for the community with the aim of engaging a wide range of groups and enhancing personal and social development.

By this time, I was heavily involved in studying and attending leisure gyms for recreational purposes. I would often get asked why I don’t look into Personal Training and received numerous compliments on my training methods. However, this was not something I was willing to consider at the time, despite being willing to support individuals in their training.

I found myself longing for competition to put my training into action so I went to visit Rendall Munroe, Former English, Commonwealth, EBU & WBA International Champion, to see if I would be able to try my hand at boxing (pardon the pun). 

I trained with Rendall for over two years and participated in a number of high-level competitions and training sessions. At the gym I would also find myself helping out with sessions and found the boxing gym a space for me to not only train, but to support others in their training goals. I soon began to practice delivering group exercise classes and began to get a feel for personal training.

Having started a family, I decided not to box but to redirect my energy into my initial passion of basketball. I soon found myself as Head Coach for the U16s Leicester Riders Junior National team for the 2019/20 season.

Throughout the season I continued to support the delivery of group exercise sessions at the boxing gym; these filtered into my training methods at practice for the basketball team. Before long I was approached by parents asking whether I offered personal training sessions. It was late 2019 when I considered this and carried out the relevant training.

Since then, lockdown has fortunately provided me with the opportunity to further develop my personal training skills amongst my peer group and family members. With the regularity of delivering personal training sessions came the notion of finding a space for rainy days and to house equipment. Very soon thereafter came the perfect space on Clarendon Park Road and I am thrilled that I am now ready to welcome Clients into the Studio and to support them with their health and fitness goals.

In short; sport, physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle has always been a constant in my lifestyle.

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What’s your top tip for someone who’s looking to get back into shape after the lockdown?

Routine and consistency.

Routine is something that many of us have but at times, it is often involuntary, meaning we have no choice but to do the things that form part of our routine. Make sure that you put aside some time in your “routine” to do something that is for you and that you enjoy.

Early lockdown showed us the importance of making time to exercise daily (and for many of us, this was to maintain our sanity).  Whether it be walks, runs or bike rides with your family, taking  time out and doing some form of physical activity is priceless. As the lockdown measures ease, we strongly believe that this commitment to make time for ourselves should not be pushed aside, forgotten about, or lost.

Consistency is key if you want to see results. Habits require a pattern of consistency, so to change your lifestyle and to reap the benefits and rewards, we must stick at our goals and routine, and overall; be consistent.

Will you offer classes and group sessions as well as personal training? If so what can people expect?

We understand the financial cost of personal training and at ATTAIN we don’t want this to be barrier, therefore, we will be offering sessions for couples and small groups so that Clients can get the best value for money and better still, engage in positive physical activity that supports their social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Group sessions will be tailored to the overall requirements of the group, whilst providing a person-centred approach which ensures that each individual is benefiting, learning and developing.

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Where can people head to get more information?

You can find out more information primarily on our social media platforms. Search Attain Health Studio on Facebook and Instagram and give us a like or follow so that you can keep updated about the Studio.

You can also contact us by phone on 0116 243 6543 or email us at [email protected]

Alternatively, we do have a website where you can ask for more information but at this stage, the website is very much to be considered a work in progress –


ATTAIN Health Studio is located at 245 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, LE2.

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