Located within St Martin’s Square, NADA sells a huge range of sustainable food as well as cosmetics, feminine products, water bottles and loads more.

All stock is sourced as locally as possible and the shop has been a huge hit since opening last year. Classed as an essential supply, they are still open during these weeks however are also offering a click & collect service to minimise contact.

We caught up with owner, Lauren, to find out more about what’s happening at the shop.

Tell us about NADA and how long you’ve been running the shop? 

Nada opened in July 2018. Nada was born out of a want to reduce my own household plastics and was unable to find anywhere that could facilitate that nearby. In lieu of somewhere, I spoke to my partner and agreed the gamble to open up somewhere would be worth it. Two years on, here we are. I feel pretty well established and now sell everything you need to help you reduce single use plastics in your life. There’s the refill side, where we have cereals, pasta, rice, grains, nuts, seeds dried fruit, chocolate, sweets, herbs and spices. This also includes household cleaning and personal hygiene products. Customers can bring their own container or help themselves to a ‘free jar’ and only pay for what they take. So if you only need 50g of something you only have to buy 50g and not a big bag to be stuck with the left overs (saving in food waste too!) On the other side of the shop you’ll find reusable, ‘single use’ alternatives. Water bottles, coffee cups, make up wipes, nappies, washing up brushes/sponges, wax wraps… the list goes on.

What are some of your favourite items that you sell?

I genuinely love everything I stock. I try not to stock anything I wouldn’t or haven’t used myself, as I like to be able to give an honest answer to custmers questions. 

Upcircle is a skincare range that uses discarded natural ingredients. The facial soap and serum is the best, teamed with a muslin facial cloth its a game changer. A new product for the shop is reuseable nappies and baby wipes. Surprisingly easy to use! 

I’ve also just got in chocolate covered brazil nuts. THEY. ARE. AMAZING.

nada zero waste leicester

How do you find Leicester as city to run an independent business in?

Brilliant. Honestly. I understand it’s not a wealthy city in many regards, but people have good priorities. We have so many committed customers and we are so grateful for all their support. A number of shops have done versions of what we do, and given the environmental and ethical rational we welcome it, but it’s lovely to see people return to us time and time again. Through the shop I have also been lucky to have met so many amazing and creative people; many of whom have become contributors to the shop. Leicester really is bubbling with innovation and creative talent. 

Tell us about how customers can access your products, shop or help during this difficult period?

We’re working hard to be as accessible as possible. As I type, people can still come into the shop between 11am-2pm, but we do offer a click and collect from both the St Martin’s store and our good friends at the Allotment on Queen’s Rd. 

What has been lovely during this unprecedented time I sthat I have seen so many new customers through the door, whether this has been through curiosity or necessity its great that the zero waste message is getting through.

nada zero waste leicester

Who are some of your other favourite independents in Leicester? 

We love the Allotment on Queens road. Fresh everything and where people need it. It’s run by good people with excellent priorities. I have to include St. Martin’s coffee shop too; they’re the best neighbours you could hope for – like being a new kid in school but realising that someone really cool has got your back. We love them! I don’t where I’d be without my earl grey in the morning! Lorna Dunn @lesserthan3 is a super talented sign writer, drawing on windows all around the city and also gilding the most amazing personalised works of art.

When this is all over, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

It’s already such a good question. I’ve recently given birth so, for months I’ve been dying to go out and have a few drinks. So, probably that. Actually no! My husband bought me a massage – that’s what I want. God, who would have thought this would be hardest question! 


NADA is based in St Martin’s Square and you can order click & collect online from their website

nada zero waste leicester