There’s never been a more important time to support local and independent. Over the coming weeks we’ll be chatting to a number of local creatives, designers, and business owners about their work and how you can support them.

With Christmas around the corner it’s the perfect time to look for some new gift ideas, and local is the best place to start.

We caught up with LinesByBeth to find out more about the business.


Tell us a little more about your work for those who aren’t familiar?

My name is Beth Gregory and I am a 20 year old line artist. My work features the technique of continuous line art, where I don’t pick my pen up from the paper. I started creating this style of work during lockdown in April and have since been creating family and friend’s portraits as well as silhouette line art pieces.

How did you first get started with your specific art style?

I’ve always been interested in art although I chose to study sociology at the University of Nottingham. With lockdown taking place in April, I had the time to experiment with different styles of art and knew I wanted to attempt continuous line pieces. It’s definitely been a trial and error process and my current pieces look very different to what I began with!

I have deferred my place at university to focus on my art and the small business I have set up with my sister Martha, called ‘Linesbybeth’.

lines by beth

What inspires you the most?

I am inspired by the idea that my art connects people, including family and friends, within my commissioned pieces and also on a larger scale with the videos that I create of my work.

The idea that these pieces are drawn with one continuous line linking people inspires me to keep creating work using the same technique.

We aim to frequently post videos of my line art drawings on our Instagram page. I hope these inspire those following our journey as well as myself to keep attempting new designs.

Lots of my piece’s feature animals as I am a huge dog person and have attempted different breeds including bulldogs, cocker spaniels and sausage dogs … all designs you can see on our Instagram page!

Who are some of your other favourite local independents?

My sister and I are big foodies and we love good coffee. For our favourite local foodie spot, we would have to pick ‘Holly’s Coffee Shop’ for their amazing menu and delicious food. We particularly love their falafel, halloumi and avocado salad.

Another one of our favourite local independents would be the homeware store ‘Harriman & Co.’ as they sell the most beautiful pieces that would fit perfectly into anyone’s home. 

Why is it so important for people to support local and shop local this Christmas?

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of local independents that people don’t have the chance to see. I personally think that so much love and effort goes into creating these products and pieces for sale that people are not only receiving a beautiful item / piece, but also keeping alive the dream of those who own the small businesses.

For my sister Martha and I, the chance to work for ourselves and run our own small business is our absolute dream and we wouldn’t be able to continue without the amazing support of those around us.

This Christmas is definitely going to be a completely different one but I know that shopping local via small independents is something we can all do together.

lines by beth

Do you take individual commissions and requests?

Yes, absolutely! I love creating special personalized pieces of art. We have currently closed commissions for the rest of the year but have opened our January waitlist.

To query a piece, myself or Martha are more than happy to answer questions through our Instagram DM’s or email ‘[email protected]’.

Pricing details and time frames depend on the specific pieces but we can definitely provide approximates.

Which is your favourite design you’ve done?

I have recently completed a commissioned piece that will be gifted as a Christmas present. It is a replica of a gorgeous sausage dog and I’m really happy with how it turned out! We can’t wait to see the piece framed and in its new home.

Where can people find out more and buy online?

Our Instagram page is where we post most frequently and showcase the current work that I am creating. To purchase our line art prints, please check out our Etsy shop where we have a range of styles available in three sizes (A5, A4 and A3). The prints arrive unframed.

We also have a website set up for those who may not use Instagram. All of our information is kept up to date on here –