When it comes to fabulous cake and cookies in Leicestershire one name always springs to mind, Bitsy’s Emporium.

Whether is a knock out celebration cake or bespoke hand decorated biscuits, Bitsy can create wonderful art in edible form. Still working hard through these difficult times we caught up with here to chat about the business and how you can still get your cake fix delivered.

What’s your favourite thing about running Bitsy’s Emporium?

My favourite bits are getting to be creative and making my own hours. I also love making things that I know are you make people happy. Like I can just imagine their faces when they eat them. 

bitsy's emporium cakes leicester

What are some of your favourite products that you sell?

My favourite products are my decorated cookies because they are like little mini artworks and can be really personal. I also love teaching which I guess is a product. I get super nervous because my niggly self doubt thing kicks in and I get imposter syndrome but then i start teaching and it’s like I’m transformed. When the class is done and the people that come tell me how much they liked it and what it means to them I get such a buzz! 

Where does your inspiration come from for your cookie and cake design?

I’m part of a big cookie community online on Instagram and I love seeing all the work everyone’s producing. It constantly sparks creativity and there’s a lot of online collabs going on. I also like to just take inspiration from life! What I see in the day, TV shows I like, music I like, silly things people say. All sorts. Especially for cookies where detail can get real fine! For cakes I love chatting to the client and brainstorming together and then being left with my brain and inventing a cracker of a cake! 

bitsy's emporium cakes leicester

How can people still get their Bitsy fix if currently stuck indoors? 

I have brownies & blondies online that get mailed to your door. I’m currently working on extending my range. I used to just put cookie sets up for special occasions but I think with the extra time I have at the mo I’m going to design some cool low priced cookie sets that you can send to your friends to say hi in a really cool way. Also cookie decorating kits and maybe if I can get over not wanting to video my face I might start doing some bake along videos and online classes! With what’s going on at the moment you’ve got to get creative. As long as I can get ingredients I’ll be here! 

bitsy's emporium cakes leicester

What’s your favourite cake you’ve ever made and your favourite biscuit design you’ve ever done?

I made a black wedding cake! With paper flowers made out of the couples fave book! I used some really cool new techniques with the cake and I thought it was really unique and had a right wow factor. I also made a cake for Emma Willis’ kid. The cake was amazing but I also got to go to her house and hang out in her kitchen so that made it extra spesh. 

Favourite cookie; I did a cookie version of Laura Jane Williams’ Our Stop book cover and I was so pleased with the finished product and how well it turned out that I cried when I finished. It’s made me want to recreate a tonne of book covers in cookie for,! OH, also, these little neon hearts I did with ridiculously detailed mendhi patterns. Real labour of love. 

bitsy's emporium cakes leicester

Who are some of your other favourite independents in Leicester? 

Bloom Project
Mrs Bridges

What’s the first thing you plan to do when this all over?

Have a fucking party. A cake party. 

You can find Bitsy’s latest brownie flavours and order online for delivery via the Bitsy’s Emporium website and follow on social on Instagram