We all love a little tradition, especially when it concerns foodie treats. Well now Hambleton Bakery, the multiple-award-winning regional bakery specialising in traditional handmade artisan bread, has launched a new ”Plum Shuttle”.

“What on earth’s a Plum Shuttle?” I hear you say! Well, it’s a traditional Rutland baked product flavoured with currants and ginger. The buns are made like bread, kneaded, risen, knocked back and kneaded again, then glazed with beaten egg (ingredients: plain flour, currants, butter, salt, yeast, warm water, warm milk,1 egg, ginger, caraway seed).

rutland plum shuttle
This is the first commercial production of the Plum Shuttle since 1890 and Hambleton Bakery owners Julian Carter and Tim Hart dreamt up the idea as way to contribute to the county’s 20thanniversary of Rutland’s independence celebrations.

The limited-edition Plum Shuttle is available until 30th April 2017 in any Hambleton Bakery store for just £1.50. Stores are located in Exton, Oakham, Stamford, Market Harborough, West Bridgford and Oundle.  The shops are open 6 days a week in Market Harborough, Oakham, Stamford, Oundle, Exton and West Bridgford.  All of the bakery shops stock the full range of artisan breads, cakes and savouries.

Hambleton Bakery Awards
Sunday Times 30 Best Bakeries in the UK 2016                   
Great Food Club Winner 2015
The Daily Telegraph 20 Best Bakeries in Britain 2016
Baker Of The Year in the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2015

You can see a video of Julian making the local loaf on video here: http://www.hambletonbakery.co.uk/video/