Are you a fan of Wolverine or X-Men? Don’t miss out on getting your hands on this brilliant augmented reality print from Leicester’s Arts for absolutely free. are giving away a number of their latest Wolverine print for free, you just need to pay the postage posts. Usually priced at £30, it’s an absolutely steal, and just think how great it will look hanging on your wall.

wolverine print

As if that’s not enough, the print actually contains augmented reality features. Get the app and when you hold your mobile device in front of the print you’ll see extra layers of artwork! Amazing. The instructions will come along with the print and it’s incredibly easy to set up.

Order your print today from the website.

wolverine augmented reality
The print contains augmented reality features Arts is a unique, Leicester based online art store. Work is produced in-house, in collaboration or curated into affordable collections that matter. champions select artists and their work through creative collaborations that benefit the artist and provide unique and progressive art for new or experienced collectors. Check out their full range of awesome prints on the website.