As they say, sometimes out of sorrow can come great joy, and this we hope will be one of those stories! Taps was one of our favourite Leicester bars, we loved being able to pour our own beer at the table and never having to queue at the bar and it was one of our first recommendations when people asked us where to go for a drink. But alas, Taps is no more. We move on!

So, now onto the good news! The building won’t sit empty for long as a brand new team has already moved into the premises and is currently setting about transforming this into a brand new, totally unique venture on the Leicester bar scene. Welcome, The Gadabout!

The Gadabout is a completely new concept – new owners, new team, new furniture and new style. So where does the name come from? Well one of the new owners told us, “A gadabout is someone that is a habitual pleasure-seeker, so our concept is around people seeking pleasure through our cocktails/drinks, meeting with friends and generally having a great time“.

The bar’s focus will be on cocktails, unique in that their drinks will be inspired by different parts of the world. Imagine a cocktail inspired by the Nordics, another inspired by Central America, one by South East Asia, and the list goes on. The owners will be looking to encourage customers to travel the world through their drinks and they’ll provide an immersive continental setting for you to do it in. With owners who really know their stuff, we don’t doubt this will be something special!


The Gadabout is due to open is mid-October and we’ll be keeping a very close eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages to check up on their progress!


Stay tuned to Cool As Leicester for more exclusive updates.


The Gadabout will open at 10 Guildhall Lane, Leicester.