Tonight sees the launch of Craftwerk at The Crumblin’ Cookie. Don’t miss out on an evening of top entertainment, as you’re transported back to your childhood to make crafts out of bits and pieces like you did when you were a kid. Think Blue Peter but with a beer in your hand, sound tempting?

The Crumblin’ Cookie have decided to put on a night where you’ll be able to construct all manner of things out of yoghurt pots, toilet rolls, pipecleaners and sticky back plastic (to name but a few), all whilst making friends, eating and drinking. As if that isn’t enough then Leicester’s very own troubadour Grace Petrie will be on hand to soundtrack the evening with songs from her new album!

You’ll also be able to take part in their Bitsa-style Challenge, in which you’ll create a masterpiece from randomly selected materials to a randomly selected theme. The best ones will win a prize!

It’s all free entry and you can bring craft materials with you or pick some up when you arrive! Events kick off at 8pm so we’ll see you there!

The Crumblin’ Cookie is on High Street, Leicester.