The LCB Depot is welcoming a fantastic opening this week as local photographer and digital artist, Steve Hodges, opens his Found Objects For The Digital Age exhibition. The exhibition will be based on the concept of using digitally manipulated images and photographs taken from a variety of public sources to create new thought-provoking, visually intriguing and abstract artwork. Intrigued by the concept, we caught up with Steve to find out more on the exhibition and his work.


“The idea of the exhibition is really reclaiming images from the public domain and combining those with existing photos, some from the internet or public sources. By combining them together we’re trying to change the original image into something new.” Formed through a love of photography, Steve says he started wanting to create images that he couldn’t directly photograph. “It’s very eclectic, lots of different styles from graffiti and stencil work to straight up photography. A lot of it’s really to do with plays on words, signs, maps, a bit of everything for everyone.”


Trying to find out what has inspired and motivated Steve to do the exhibition, he tells us “I always saw myself as a documentary photographer, trying to capture the things that people were often ignoring in their everyday lives. So this is really an extension of that. I’m trying to take ideas and concepts that people often think and don’t think about in their day to day lives, things like maths and science. Trying to present them in a way that’s accessible to everyone.”


This may be Steve’s first solo exhibition in Leicester, but he’s no stranger to his artwork being in the public domain with pieces having been on display in exhibitions at Fabrika and also adorning the walls of city bars. So what of the art scene in the Leicester? “Generally it’s not huge, but if you’ve got the motivation and believe that you’re good enough there’s enough scope for you to be able to take it by the scruff of the neck and do something with it.”

“For young aspiring artists I’d say the best thing to do is persevere with it. At times I’ve found it hard and thought I wouldn’t be able to do this or get the recognition but there’s always something that keeps you going. For me with art, there’s no wrong, it’s a concept that’s unique to you so just keep going with what you believe in.”

So who is the exhibition going to appeal to? “I’d say anyone with an open mind, come down. It’s unique, nobody else seems to be doing this kind of thing. You won’t see it anywhere else so come and check it out! What’s the worst that can happen?”

The exhibition is at the LCB Depot from 21st October – 3rd November (Monday – Friday). There will be work framed and on canvas on display in the main gallery and digital projections in the café. Entry is free.

For further information on Steve’s work please visit