Everybody loves Christmas cookies… everybody! So why not learn how to decorate them like a pro? Think how much money it could save you in the future when you can gift people beautifully decorated cookies!

Anyway, Leicester baking queen, Bitsy’s Emporium of Awesome, is holding a festive cookie decorating bonanza on Sunday 22 December with tickets on sale now. Bitsy’s last 2 classes have completely sold out and this will be the last chance to enjoy it before Christmas.

bitsy's emporium class

Welcomed with drinks and a selection of pre-made cookies, Bitsy will lead the class by teaching you a couple of key decorating techniques before handing over the icing pipes and extra decorations to you guys.

Of course there will be lots of Christmas music, mulled booze and festive snacks. You might even get to win a prize for your new decorating skills.

bitsy's emporium class

The event is at The Soundhouse on Sunday 22 December from 6-8pm but seeing as you’re in a pub (which has it’s own Christmas grotto by the way!) you can always stay on for more drinks. Tickets are priced at £25 and are on sale now from the Bitsy’s Emporium of Awesome website.