Stay in fancy hotels and eat in nice restaurants for free and then get paid for it as well, that’s the dream, right? Well thanks to a new social influencer website called Swayy, if you’ve got an Instagram account then the dream could be about the come true.

Swayy is working with a number of top hotel and restaurant chains to develop a new social influencer booking platform which will allow them to book in those with high and relevant Instagram followers to visit for free and then pay them a fee for posting their experience via their channels. Your number of followers and relevance to the business will determine your Swayy score and they’ll then choose who they want to book in.

The rest is simple, you go along and enjoy your stay, post up the agreed number of images to your Instagram profile and then wait for your fees to be paid.

Key influencers on Instagram are trusted and looked up to because of their expertise in a given industry, so it is logical that consumers, who are increasingly glued to their phones, turn to them for advice,” said David Gabriele, CEO of Swayy. “Decisions about booking hotels and restaurants are made by normal people, with all their imperfections, and they want to be guided by real people they admire and who they have a real connection with, not by advertising agencies shouting at them – like in traditional adverts. This is why Swayy is so unique.”

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